Plantas Shoes are a brand well-established and respected in Italy for their incredibly well made shoes, and have been for nearly 50 years. The name has become synonymous with healthy feet in Italy due to their concern for foot health, and the history of the brand attracts loyal customers. In 2014 they expanded to include themselves within the UK Market with an online shop.

The Challenge

Initially, Plantas Shoes came to us with the challenge of analysing their online performance and reporting back to them with ways of increasing conversions, users and general brand recognition monthly. They would then implement small changes to content themselves, and with more technical issues Indiespring would step in.

Any changes made needed to be carefully considered since the Plantas Shoes site was connected to an M.A.M warehouse system and needed to continue to work with it.

The Objectives

Our monthly reports eventually came to the conclusion that Plantas’ site needed to be remade, as its age and layout was slowing it down and drawing customers away from the shopping site – meaning the site was losing revenue for Plantas.
A new site could not only increase customer conversions but also be much more cost effective in the long run. Plantas understood our predicament and realised that it was probably time to retire the old site in order to replace it with a modern, customisable site which they could control much easier.

The Team

Dave Project Lead/Development

Andrew Design

Meg Brand Image

What We Did

Information Architecture

We began to create wireframes but soon realised that the warehouse system caused limitations to what we could do. Indiespring discussed the idea of Shopify with the Plantas team – it was easy to set up and its modules could work with the existing warehouse system. This plan of action was eventually agreed upon and Indiespring set to work creating Plantas’ bespoke new eCommerce site.

UX, Wireframes and Prototyping

Changes to the actual site can now be done by Plantas due to Shopify’s ease of use, whereas before they could only edit content. Indiespring removed unnecessary processes from the checkout and cart- the old instance of it was far too complicated and drew customers away.


In order to grow the popularity of Plantas – who were well-respected in Italy but lesser known in the UK – we attempted to improve the brand image by including an ‘about us’ page which would tell the Plantas’ story and provoke users to care about the brand and spend money on their products.

Cart – We improved the checkout process by compressing the 6 steps from the previous site into 3 less daunting steps, this led to an increase in conversions and lowered exit rate from the checkout.

About us – We wanted to improve brand awareness for Plantas, therefore we took the challenge to create a unique timeline to show the heritage and kill of the Plantas brand.

Featured Collections – We added a featured collection to the homepage to improve click through rate (CTR) to the product pages and allow a positive user journey for the customers.

Happy Feet – Due to Plantas specialising in footwear tailored for comfort and well being for your feet, we wanted to demonstrate the unique features of Plantas products such as biomechanic research, to potential customers.

What we delivered

We created an entirely new site for Plantas with the eCommerce platform Shopfiy. This site note only works with their existing MAM system but also means that it can be easily customised by the Plantast staff, who aren’t very tech-minded.

The checked out has been simplified from five steps to just three and the removal of arbitrary processes means customers are more likely to complete their checkout.

The Happy Feet story page and timeline functionality portrays the importance of Plantas’ history in an informative and visually appealing way.

  • New bespoke Shopify site
  • Easily customisable
  • Compatible with warehouse system
  • Simplified checkout system
  • Complete redesign
  • Improved brand image


The new branding of the Plantas site has increased the amount of new users by over 900%, which is an incredible mark up. The new branding has also shows to be a hit with users once they’re on the site, as the session duration is up by 92%. The bounce rate from users directly searching for Plantas is down over 14%. We believe this shows the new site is a success.
“Dave, James and the team at Indiespring have been a great support in analysing the performance of my website and helping and advising on the way forwards. They have really taken time to get to know and understand the Plantas Brand and business, and their attitude is always welcoming, supportive and can do. They really do simplify digital, and the new site performs greatly, is easy to navigate and effective!”

Sarah Lynch, Plantas Shoes UK

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