Analytics services track, analyse and report data pertaining to the traffic on your site, in order for you to optimise your website and increase sales, visits etc. It is important because it provides you with hard evidence of what is working and what needs changing, rather than relying on guesswork or assumptions. What works well on your site may surprise you – perhaps the lack of newsletter sign-ups you receive isn’t due to your contact form, but is because the page link is too difficult to find. Analytics can be used here to understand what needs changing to optimise your website’s usage.

Why Choose Indiespring to Control your Analytics Reporting?

  • Monthly Reports: We take your website’s objectives and then measure, monitor and improve the website performance month in, month out. Each month we produce a report detailing the website’s performance and with suggested improvements/changes based on our analysis. We set up goals, conversion funnels and a primary dashboard to highlight the key stats you need when assessing your website’s performance.
  • Digital Strategy: Our consultants take the time to understand your objectives for the coming year. If you have a digital strategy in place, we review and critique it, if not we plan it. We can run scans every day to ensure your website is optimised for search engines, your traffic levels are as expected and there’s nothing out of the ordinary taking place.
  • AB Testing: We identify focus areas of improvements and suggest small additions/changes to be tested with some of your users to improve the user experience and performance of your website monthly. If this improves your traffic or your goal conversions, we help to set this up for your entire customer base.

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