Conversion Rate Optimisation is, put simply, putting a system in place to increase the amount of users on your site who become customers, without driving more traffic to the site. It is done by improving the general user experience to make each user more valuable, ie. more likely to become a customer, or complete whichever action you desire them to take. Conversion Rate Optimisation can be more cost effective than paying for more visitors, as usually the changes to the site are permanent and increase the value of customers rather than drawing in uninterested traffic.

Why Choose Indiespring to Manage your Conversion Rate Optimisation?

  • Personal Relationship: Indiespring take the time to get to know the businesses we work with, as friends rather than simply customers. This allows us to get a heightened understanding of your company – who you are, your long term goals and your target audience. This means we can successfully determine how to improve your users’ experience and eventually increase your customer base through our knowledge, in a way that still reflects your branding and supports your goals as a business.
  • AB Testing: Before we completely roll out changes to your entire customer base, Indiespring ensure that new instances of your site are an improvement upon the original by operating an AB testing system: We send half of your traffic to the new site, and half to the old. We then monitor your users’ responses to each version and compare them. From this data we determine whether the changes are improvements or not before the change is made live to all users, ensuring that no customers are lost through misguided mistakes.
  • Multi Variant Testing: For our clients with more traffic, we also offer multi variant testing. This is similar to AB testing, but offers numerous different versions of your site to an even split of your traffic. Through this we determine the best possible eventuality by cross-referencing all the data found to create a version of the site that will generate the most outcome, which could be a higher number of customers, sign ups, or goal completions.
  • Hot Jar Monitoring: We use a program called Hot Jar which allows us to monitor an anonymous selection of your users’ movements around your site. This generation of an actual person’s actions on your site allows us to recognise your consumers as people, not just numbers. This creates a different way of looking at CRO – we can determine how users will move similarly to each other, and which changes to make due to this.
  • Indiespring know the Lifetime Value of Customers: At Indiespring we know that returning customers are valuable to a site. Their repeating interest shows that they are likely to engage with your brand or buy more from your site. We ensure that all changes encourage returning customers to help generate more revenue for our clients.

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