Ecommerce is any type of business or commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. Some say it’s one of the most important aspects of the internet to emerge. It allows money to be exchanged for goods and services online without any time or distance barriers, which is great for businesses as a wider audience can be reached without the downfalls of owning a physical shop (rent costs etc), and for customers, as it provides an easier experience.

Why choose Indiespring to create your eCommerce platform?

We ensure a great experience for your customer by integrating with your team to understand exactly how the company works and how your online shop needs to work to keep your customers happy.

Indiespring know the necessity of a secure eCommerce website, as it not only keeps your customers details safe but also attracts more customers who know they can trust you. We put in place important security measures as standard to provide everyone a safe experience.

A design that conveys your brand image and is bespoke to you is guaranteed to improve conversion rates and the average basket value. We make your eCommerce site work specifically for your products, integrating everything from market automation and segmentation to live chat and digital invoicing to keep the cash flowing.

Magento Development

Often considered a ‘dying art’, Magento is still powering the vast majority of major eCommerce websites. We have certified Magento developers available to assist.

  • Version 2.0

    Version 2.0 was released in November 2015, allowing for smoother navigation of Magento-equipped sites, as well as increased conversion rates and general revenue generation.

  • Expert Experience

    Indiespring have used Magento for clients in the past and have developers trained in using the program, and it already works with Google Analytics, which we’re experts with.

  • Open Source

    The nature of Magento’s open source platform allows Indiespring to modify the code to change the functionality and add specific features to make your site more unique.

  • SEO

    Using Magento is better than some other platforms for SEO, the clean URLs it creates mean that search engines are more likely to place it highly on keyword searches and therefore more users will be aware of your website.

  • Security Guaranteed

    Magento is a secure platform and can accept payments from many processors, meaning your customers always feel safe.


OpenCart is a PHP-based store management system which has been implemented on the sites of many Indiespring clients. It’s benefits over the popular Magento system are smaller server requirements, greater simplicity and quicker development time.

  •  Over the years, several updates have been made to the OpenCart system, with the most recent being in March of 2016, meaning the most up to date version is always available and reliable.
  • OpenCart supports many different currencies and therefore can be used for global business or companies looking to expand.
  • Small to medium businesses can use OpenCart easily as it’s cheaper to host but still works well.
  • OpenCart is less complicated than other eCommerce platforms and can therefore be maintained and edited by anyone, not just developers.

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