App Quality Analysis

Crash Reporting 

Real time crash analysis enables us to actively record and assess crashes throughout our apps. We prioritise crashes by severity to reduce the impact on user experience for the active user base and through our real time analysis we are able to address critical issues and issue an update almost immediately; reducing the impact on the user base and the risk of negative feedback.

Performance Monitoring

We track, report and analyse performance issues which impact the user across the range of devices, app versions and OS levels. Utilising this data, we then implement improvements in order to continually enhance our applications throughout our release cycles by ensuring they are fast, responsive and robust.

Testing Cycles

We test each of our applications using a combination of custom testing scripts using virtual devices and a qualified tester with access to over 30 physical devices in order to ensure our applications are compatible with the latest handsets and OS releases. This is heavily handled by our Mobile Assurance Program giving you peace of mind that the stability of your app is maintained.

App Analysis & Optimisation

A/B Testing

Based on quantitative and qualitative hypotheses we continuously test and analyse variations of a specified element within the applications in order to increase the probability of the desired outcome. This ensures our applications are optimised using custom events to influence key metrics such as retention rate, user engagement and revenue.

User Behaviour Insights

We use our extensive knowledge and expertise in user experience and user profiling to influence decisions surrounding the user interface and marketing strategies. Using this data we create custom audiences allowing us to define and target key objectives aimed at the most appropriate audience group, improving the effectiveness of a campaign.

Personalised User Flows

We understand each user group is different and require unique experiences to fully engage with the app. Customising the user interface and user flows for targeted audiences creates a bespoke application for the intended user and can be adjusted to guide customers towards the desired outcome.

Real Time Micro Improvements

Creating real time improvement campaigns can provide greater insights into user behaviour within our applications and allow us to test improve hypotheses. This allows us to craft, deploy and measure experiments to custom audiences in real time rather than waiting for an application deployment and release cycle.

Personalised Notification Marketing

Both in-app messaging and push notifications are highly effective tools to increase app performance. By using advanced targeting capabilities, machine learning and predictive algorithms we can make informed decisions on audience behaviour such as time of day and impression rate to construct personalised and highly contextual content at times which yield a greater success rate.  

Custom Reporting

We have used our combined experience of over 8 years of reporting digital marketing data to our clients to consistently refine and augment our reporting format to deliver incredibly useful and insightful reports. We only report the data that is specifically useful to you to enable business decisions to be made and see the return on investment that our services provide – everything else we quietly manage on your behalf.

Market & Promote Your App

Proactive Review Management

We manage and optimise app store reviews to increase the average application rating in both the Google Play Store and App Store and doing so can increase organic growth of the application.

App Store Optimisation

We optimise the ranking and visibility of our applications through the images and screenshots that represent our applications in the Google Play Store and App Store, expert keyword research, and by creating frequent updates of the application that incorporates changes in the technology and user feedback. By routinely tracking and analysing this data, we are able to monitor and improve the visibility of the applications.

Out of Channel Marketing

We use a wide range of marketing platforms to target the appropriate demographic within their consumer cycle using highly relevant content in order to grow the user base. We understand that certain applications have different target audiences, therefore we monitor and analyse user behaviour in order to establish a target audience. With this data we are able to create campaigns surrounding an application that targets specific demographics that hold a higher interest.

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