Mobile Design

With mobile usage dominating the way we interact with the web and continuing to grow it is important to keep up to date with the latest developments and your customers. This often means being on the App Store (or Google Play Store). More and more companies are following in the footsteps of the giants and building their own apps for their users. Not only does this mean you are accessible where your users want you but your logo is always visible on their handset and communicating with your audience becomes even easier.

Customer Communication

Apps make it incredibly easy to communicate with your customers, and with push notifications you have a proven way to bring them back. As long as you are adding value on a regular basis the communication with your customers can be invaluable.


Being at your customer’s fingertips (quite literally) means that you are as a business ready to support the needs of your customers no matter where and when. The value this can add cannot be underestimated. Some businesses have managed to become leaders in their markets with this tool alone.

 User Led Solutions

With our dedicated UX team, we provide bespoke apps that are not just functional but compelling to use.  Our solutions are designed and crafted with your users as the main focus. The success of projects of this nature is determined by the uptake and feedback of the user community and this is why it is integral that we take this approach to making the best app for your business.

Solution Workshop

User Journey


User Testing

Mobile Assurance Program (MAP)

Indiespring’s Mobile Assurance Program allows our clients to have the confidence their mobile applications are being regularly tested to assure compatibility with the latest handset and operating system releases. Through the program your applications will be routinely tested as new OS releases and devices come to market with any QA issues reported to you. This gives you the confidence that your users are getting the best experience as the mobile landscape evolves. The model for this delivery is an initial setup fee and ongoing monthly retainer.

Android Systems

Indiespring have used a variety of different programs to create Android apps, making beautiful bespoke apps for our clients for many years.

Advanced HTML

HTML has become Indiespring’s most used tool and has allowed us to bridge the gap for our clients giving them access to markets they didn’t before and allowing them to take their website offline if this is required.

Apple iOS

iOS Apps are created on Apple’s operating system so they are available to all Apple device users. Seeing as there are billions of iPhones, iPads and iPods, contributing to a massive portion of the market, this is an audience you don’t want to miss out on.

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