With mobile usage taking over the world of internet, it’s important to stay up to date with where your customers are, which is currently the App Store (or Google Play). More and more small companies are following in the footsteps of giants and building their own apps for users’ enjoyment. Not only does it mean you’re easily accessible, but also that your logo is constantly visible on their phone’s home page, which is some pretty valuable publicity.

Why Choose Indiespring to Create your Mobile App?

We hold regular meetings between you and our developers to check that the track your app is following is what you desire, and if it’s not, we’ll fix that.

We have exceptional experience in every digital discipline, creating new ways to engage your audience, disseminate your messages and get people clicking where it counts.

We have individual specialists for every type of programming, including mobile app development. These specialists know exactly how to make your dreams for your app come to life.

We know how important it is to business to portray the personality and branding of your company, and prioritise this when creating your application.


HTML5 has been around for a while, but is slowly beginning to gain more traction in recent years after the discontinuation of Flash. Indiespring’s developers use HTML5 on both personal and client projects.

  • HTML5 is constantly improving and a new version is set to be brought out in late 2016. It is often seen as being more suited to emerging mobile markets that other mobile apps.
  • Indiespring have used Magento for clients in the past and have developers trained in using the program, and it already works with Google Analytics, which we’re experts with.
  • An app built with HTML5 is compatible across a range of devices, and so the cost of development is a lot lower. Only one app needs to be made for all Operating Systems rather than several for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.
  • Updates take place automatically so there’s no worry about your app keeping up to speed – everyone only sees the latest version.
  • HTML5 is also used to create Hybrid Apps – a mixture between web technologies and native apps, meaning you can take your website offline easily and translate it to an app if needs be.


IOS Apps are created on the Apple operating system and are therefore available to all Apple Device users. Indiespring’s most experienced mobile developer is fluent in creating iOS apps.

  • There are billions of users of iPhones, iPads and iPods, meaning that developing an app using iOS software opens your App up to a massive proportion of the market.
  • Developing apps with iOS means that your app will be optimised for Apple products – apps written with Java, .NET and Adobe Flash are generally not available to download on the app store.
  • Other programs have to be translated into iOS’ language in order to work properly on iPhones.
  • Popular apps are featured on the app store, exposing them to a large audience.
  • Apple released a software development kit to make creation of iOS apps more accessible to developers, even including allowing them to be tested on an iPhone simulator to ensure they’re made well.


Indiespring use a variety of different programs to create Android apps, and have done for many of our clients over the years.

  • Android have a huge number of users across many different brands, meaning that Apps influence large numbers of customers and not just users of one type of device.
  • There are plenty of programs to support and help with the development and maintenance of Android apps to ensure that they’re made well and keep your brand looking good.

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