Pay Per Click advertising is a great way for small businesses to build a list of contacts, who can potentially become customers or can be marketed to further through email lists. Your audience is always a great target for your advertisement due to the way that PPC works. Simply put, you bid how much you’re willing to pay per person who clicks your advert, and only when they do click do you actually pay. It means that small businesses who find it difficult to get their name out there can appear pretty high up on Google and other search engines.

Why Choose Indiespring to Operate your PPC Campaigns?

As a Certified Google Partner, our team have the training, experience and proven results to deliver a bespoke online advertising plan that best suits the needs of your business. This signifies that our clients campaigns are high performing and that we demonstrate Googles best practices, leading to a high ROI and happy clients.
  • Experience

    We have been working with PPC campaigns for years, and our experience gives us an advantage over others working on PPC. We know insider tricks to help improve key words, and other aspects of campaigns.

  • Personal Involvement

    We don’t just use PPC advertisements for our clients, but also to increase traffic to our own site. We know how to operate campaigns from the client position, and therefore have a greater understanding of how we can assist you.

  • Great ROI

    The Return of Investment we produce from PPC campaigns is always impressively positive due to our expertise. The increase of new traffic drawn to our clients’ sites due to us is proof of the importance of PPC advertising.

  • AdWords

    We use Google Adwords which is, arguably, the best platform for PPC campaigns, due to the incredibly high volume of traffic- advertisements can reach millions of people. If a company is willing to outbid the competition, it will appear in the top ad position, meaning everyone gets the opportunity to be seen.

  • Analytics Pairing

    We also offer Analytics, so we can demonstrate exactly how well your ads are doing and what needs improving/ changing. We can explain where your traffic comes from, so future ads can be targeted even more precisely to the specific audience more likely to check out your site.

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