Website Security is becoming increasingly important for businesses with an online presence. Most people don’t realise the risks they place themselves under if they don’t keep constantly updated. No business is too small to be targeted: hackers use programs to find vulnerable sites. Your website is the first thing customers usually see of you. It is a representation of your entire brand, and not only that – it contains your customers’ vital information such as names, email addresses and payment details. To leave your site unprotected doesn’t just hurt your business, it hurts all those who have trusted you with their sensitive information.

Why Choose Indiespring to Keep Your Website Secure?

Our clients’ websites are hosted within a premier hosting facility which allows us to deliver a rock solid, consistent support service to you with 24/7 continuous data backup, high availability and incredibly fast response times. We do not use budget hosting providers for any of our websites. We are huge fans of open source technologies but their ubiquity makes them a target for online threats. From inappropriate content being posted on your website to severe data theft – your website is at risk within hours of exploits being reported. We work hard to monitor, backup and protect your CMS from the threat of exploitation. This defence takes three fronts:
  • Security Updates Tested & Applied within 48 hours of Release. The application will have critical security patches applied to node.js within 48 hours of their release. Patches will be applied, fully tested and deployed before they can be exploited.
  • Extended Warranty. We will continue to warrant our work and ensure the website works to the original specification for the duration of your ProSupport contract. This includes recovery from hosting failures, updating functionality to match API changes and obsolete plugins etc.
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring. We configure an off-site monitoring service that checks that the website is available and responsive every 15 seconds. This feeds directly into our support system so our developers will know before anyone else if something is amiss.

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