Meet the team behind Indiespring

Indiespring has grown rapidly since 2012 and it’s the people who really make us the company we have become today. As the team has grown we have managed to keep our close team spirit which has really set us apart as agency.

Andy Bellass Designer

Andy is Indiespring's in-house designer, with creative flair and high-quality work, he brings the standout factor to our client’s projects from a user's perspective. Having developed and grown internally Andy has experienced many different aspects of Indiespring giving him a great insight into our clients and team needs and now finds himself in high demand from the team across all of Indiespring’s projects and departments.

Arran Kirkup Head of Client Engagement

A recent addition back in 2018, Arran has already brought about plenty of positive change in Indiespring. Arran was brought in to head up our QA department and quickly designed, implemented and launched our new Mobile Assurance Program to give us the ability to provide world class testing to our customers with mobile applications. He is now utilising his extensive background in account management to ensure our customers have a chance to feedback on our performance and that we are always giving them the highest quality service. As part of this process he has headed up the introduction of our own Net Promoter Score software and hosted numerous workshops with our clients to effectively match our account management strategies to their business goals.

Ben Magnall Developer

We took our youngest member of the team, Ben, under our wing after the company providing his and many other young people's apprenticeships collapsed, and we haven't looked back since. We believe that anyone who wants to learn digital skills should have the means to do so - and Ben has been an incredibly dedicated learner. Since joining us at the start of 2016, he has been situated in the heart of the "Dev Pit," where he can learn best practice from our more experienced developers. Using this resource and previously gained knowledge, Ben now specialises in Front-End Web Development and works on his own projects. His work is always finished smoothly and to a fantastically high standard which is a testament to how hard he has worked and what an invaluable member of Indiespring he has become.

Chris Batih Developer

Chris works for Indiespring as a senior developer on their C# projects. Chris has many years experience working on web security and server side development in a previous job role, and spent time working as a freelance developer gaining experience working for a wide variety of clients before joining Indiespring in 2018. Chris uses the knowledge and experience he has gained over his career to help offer different insights and solutions to problems we encounter here at Indiespring.

Ciara Meenan Digital Marketing Executive

Ciara joined at the turn of 2019, taking a career change from recruitment and joined the services department. In the short time she has been with us she has taken over the account management of a number of clients within the services team. Her positive attitude and quick learning has helped the services team to grow by 97% in her first year so it's a massive well done from the whole team here and keep up the good work!

Dave Rogers Head Of Services and User Experience

Dave joined Indiespring back in early 2013 as the company expanded, so despite his youthful looks, he's one of the company veterans. Finding a natural affinity for Quality Assurance, Dave's keen eye for detail has made him an invaluable asset to the team and created a clear progression path into User Experience. Now with two years experience in UX, Dave is the go-to man when user journey's or conversion rate optimisation is required or in need of improvement. He has been moving forward rapidly in his own knowledge of Digital Marketing and now finds himself as a leading consultant to Indiespring’s clients, guiding them on how we can help their businesses expand and grow. On a day to day basis, Dave personally handles some of our most valuable clients and will be your first port of call for web services. Dave furthered his personal development in Digital Strategy by becoming Google Certified and spending his days with his head sunk into Google Analytics. He believes in providing, in all steps of his work, the “return on investment” to Indiespring’s clients which has formed from his outstanding work in the Paid Advertising services

Dave Thorpe Head of Business Growth

Dave is one of Indiespring's longest-serving team members and as such knows our services inside and out. He has found himself to be a vital part of our marketing team over the last 12 months and has launched out Business Development arm. Dave has a great positive attitude and excitement toward projects and therefore finds himself best suited to meeting new businesses, spreading our word and identifying how Indiespring can help you.

Jake Hill Developer

Jake has been part of a vast array of projects, from apps and games to banners and mini-sites. Having worked with a range of agencies around the country and for multinational organisations including Turner Broadcasting and McAfee. Jake has also developed two hit indie titles for the Apple App Store as part of his own Indie Games company, Jake has a broad range of experience. Specialising in, but in no way limited to, C# development, Jake is able to give his own creative input, collaborate with other developers, artists and members of the team to deliver the best product imaginable.

James Marshall Head of Product

James joined the company in 2013 bringing over three years' experience in client management to Indiespring. Hailing from a marketing and customer services background, James has both a keen eye for detail and an ability to empathise with our clients' needs and priorities. James has been deployed in the Studio to help bring new processes to help support our growth and changing Business. He has been responsible for setting up our own in-house management system to make all of our projects as streamlined and seamless as possible along with the ability to monitor and measure our own performances internally. In addition to his client and studio management skills, James has a good understanding of both the design and development process and will most likely be your day to day contact at Indiespring during working hours, so don't hesitate to call and get acquainted.

Joe Westwood Developer

Joe Westwood is a more recent addition to the Indiespring team. Since coming on board and buying into Indiespring’s unique culture he has brought a wealth of skills and techniques from his time spent working in other agencies. Joe’s ability to work alongside our services team has given him a great reputation within the team to work through client problems alongside our account managers. He's a good fit for any project due to his experience in providing solutions that are suited to our clients while also improving their digital platforms in line with best practice

Leon Higgin

Leon joined the Spark team as a Junior Developer in 2017 after completing a Degree in Multimedia Internet & technology, and a Masters in Game Development. With a clear interest in game design, Leon works on the Video Poker project, developing games from the prototypes stage through to product delivery. Whilst working with the team, he has become an experienced Unity developer, also helping to support the suite of live Video Poker applications that the team manages.

Louise Kirkup QA Engineer

As part of our quality assurance team, Louise heads up the day to day running of our mobile assurance program. Her longer term ambition at Indiespring is to become a fully fledged coder and we are supporting her through this with a ongoing training framework and cant wait to see what the future holds. Louise's hair is matched only by her personality in the office and at the team's social events. In the relatively short time she has been on the team she has quickly become one of the more popular members in the office.

Meg Thornley Social Media and Project Manager

Meg has managed Indiespring’s own content and social media marketing for over a year, as well as smaller client projects. She hails from a background of charity fundraising, and uses the expertise she gained to grant an enthusiastic approach to her work. Meg works closely with clients in order to understand their needs exactly and to connect the customer’s needs and the developer’s work. Her work in Indiespring’s personal marketing means she understands what a company requires to improve their online presence and how to implement that effectively.

Michael Mun Evans Quality Assurance

Having recently joined the team searching for a new challenge Mike brought with him some much need support and fresh ideas to our paid advertising team and has helped them create some automated reports to make their lives much easier. Mike, however, came to us with a desire to train up in development and is well on his way to becoming a valuable member of the infamous "dev pit." Welcome aboard.

Rob Sandbach Managing Director

Through his previous work at digital agencies, Rob has worked with many big brands and organizations in devising and delivering digital experiences. Having worked with Manchester Airport's first mobile app, TUI Travel's first social media portal and virtual assistants for Asda and Makro Rob brings a wealth of experience working with large clients in a results-driven environment. Rob's ability to combine an enthusiasm for digital technologies, a focus on business objectives and a solid computer engineering background means that all of our projects deliver fantastic customer experiences as well as strong contributions to our client's success.

Rob Traynor Developer

Rob Traynor has been a web developer for 4 years and is well versed in a number of technologies such as JavaScript, PHP, SQL. He has a keen eye for detail and aims to deliver quality products which best suits the clients need and also provide fantastic user experience. He is always looking for ways in which to improve his skills and is a regular at meetups and training events. He manages to also help Indiespring with our international clients by working at strange times of the day to make collaborating with our client's teams from around the world seamless.

Simon Robertshaw Technical Lead

Simon joined the ever-growing Indiespring in 2017 and quickly began heading up some new initiatives to support both the development team and also the project and account managers. With his technical knowledge and drive, he has managed to streamline lots of our internal operations and is responsible for technical specification writing and leading the project delivery team. Welcome aboard.

Sophia Austin Head of Support

Sophia joined Indiespring in 2018 and brought plenty of enthusiasm to the new role of Head of Support. As the team grew we wanted to give everyone some support and direction in their own development and Sophia's first challenge was introducing some new policies and standards to enable this within Indiespring. 18 months later and Sophia still has the same enthusiasm and smile as her first day and keeps the whole team ticking.

Steve Sandbach Project Manager and Developer

Steven manages Indiespring’s quality assurance team, ensuring that the company’s projects are delivered in line with their high standards of quality. Steven verifies that every aspect of a project is thoroughly tested by his team and that the project is delivered in line with the spec. Steven’s team also oversee the ticketing procedure, ensuring that any hiccups are effectively resolved by the development team before a project is signed off, and presented to a client.

About Us

Indiespring is a mobile development agency set right in the heart of Manchester. With combined experience spanning more than 60 years, we pride ourselves in our unique approach to support our clients and partner technology companies.

We aim to build long-lasting relationships with the people we work with, offering advice and delivering wonderful results and solutions to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

Our Approach

Your mobile app projects need to be visually appealing, deliver results and support your business goals. Using data and our technical expertise we aim to deliver solutions that not only do all of this but also save you time and money.

We believe that the agency model is broken and that there is a better way to partner with companies that allows us to deliver our expertise and consistently support our partners in their issues of today. Our manifesto on how to engage with an agency is really important to us and how we work with our partners so to find out exactly why were different, check it out for yourself.

“Indiespring have delivered a seamless integration with our development and their vigilance around the MAP program means we can focus on developing our products further without the distraction of OS variance releases.”- Trak Global