Trak Global needed support for their in-house testing team to manage their Better Driver app. They needed to deal with the number of OS system updates that happen annually and new device releases and keep the app working as expected whilst also developing new features.

The Challenge

Trak Global already had testing systems in place having developed several apps and Indiespring were required to onboard into their in-house ticketing systems to maintain current systems and to be seamless for the development team.

We also had to develop test scripts that included on-road driver tests for the apps telematics. This bespoke element was obviously time-consuming but also critical to the success of the project being the prime function of the app.

The Objectives

We first had to create a brand new test script for the app to comprehensively map and understand all aspects of the app. This allowed the team to take ownership of the product and agree on test levels for the different levels of OS update.

We needed to make sure we covered the majority of the user devices for their market.

Trak also required regular updates and communication to give them confidence in the consistency of their user’s experience while using the app across their market.

The Team


Arran Project Lead


Steve  Quality Assurance Manager


Meg Quality Assurance Engineer


Andy Quality Assurance Engineer

What We Did

Test Script Creation

We first engaged with Trak to run through all pages and features of the app to create and comprehensive feature list. This allowed us to engage with the app at all levels and make sure we understood how all features worked and agree on a level of severity if the feature failed. This allowed us to grasp where each feature would sit in future test runs and how quickly a report of the error needed to be raised with Trak.

Live testing included on-road driver tests

The QA team took the app out on the roads and user tested to create a bug list from the test script so Trak could audit how the app was currently performing and repeating the process over the following weeks allowed Trak to fix any outstanding issues before any further OS or device releases.

BetterDriver (1)

What we delivered

Through our partnership with Trak Global using the Mobile Assurance Programme with Better Driver we have identified that Trak do not have the resources to maintain the app to their current standards, along with their new development projects. We therefore are now furthering our partnership to take on the maintenance development of Better Driver to make sure that all bugs are fixed and their users are receiving a great experience while using Better Driver.

  • 53 bugs reported in the first quarter
  • 2000 miles and more than 100 hours of on-road testing
  • 10,000 incremental tests

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