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What is Better Driver

The Better Driver App has been developed to encourage young drivers to become safer drivers.

Better Driver is a telematic app which monitors how users are driving. It keeps track of their journeys, mileage and driving style score so they can monitor their own performance. This information is used to reward the drivers if they score well therefore encouraging safer driving.

For every week a user receives a positive (green) Driving Style Score, they will be rewarded. Put simply, the better the user drives, the more they will get back in rewards!

Why Better Driver Matters

When Kamran heard the news on 1st January 2007 that his 18-year-old son had died in a car accident, his worst fears were realised. Later that month, he decided to embark on a mission to help reduce the number of accidents involving young people. In 2009, Kamran met Nick Corrie and Alan Cottrill and they decided Kamran’s mission could be realised with the aid of telematics – together they founded Trak Global, which launched Carrot Insurance in 2012. The Better Driver app allows Carrot Insurance to track drivers and reward them with cheaper premiums and treats every month for driving safely.

The Better Driver benefits:

  • Drivers are rewarded for safer driving.
  • Safer drivers means safer roads for all road users, including those not using the app
  • Up front discounts on insurance policy’s.

The App

This scheme depends on the driver taking ownership of their own driving and the app feeds this information in the iOS/Android app.

Keeping it Smart



The Better Driver App allows everything to be controlled from a user’s smartphone as a driver. The telematic data is automatically recorded on their phone while driving and this information is given back to them at the end of each journey allowing you to review your driving. Users can also receive all of their rewards to their smart phone making the whole process easy to manage.

Better Driver Mission Statement:

To encourage safe driving with the use of rewards, making the roads safer for everyone.

Bespoke Testing

Carrot Insurance required real-world data to ensure their apps were performing optimally across a cross-section of the market and in actual driving conditions.

We worked to build a detailed test script and train our engineers on the app’s UI and functionality then agreed a targeted device list to monitor and perform testing. This testing is replicated each time an OS variance release  or new device is introduced to the pool to ensure the ongoing quality of the app.

Collaborative Development

Our developers and testers have spent time working in Carrot’s offices in Crewe alongside their development team and their team have worked from our offices in Central Manchester. More recently we’ve collaborated with their Canadian counterparts. Regardless of if we’re sat together, using our shared Slack channel or video calling half way across the world our process has always had collaboration at its core. We’re all one team working on making this app great!


Get In Touch

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