Indiespring has been an excellent partner for the Trak. They’ve taken on more responsibilities as the relationship has progressed which shows how confident we are in their ability to deliver. Customers can expect a dedicated team that is pragmatic and flexible.

Peter Finch – CTO, Trak Global

Mobile App Developers

As app developers our core business is the building and maintenance of mobile applications. We have particular experience in enterprise mobile applications which are deployed internally for staff and suppliers to use. We have app developers experienced with a range of technologies including MAUI, React Native & native application development.

Quality Assurance

The mobile and web app ecosystem changes everyday. Our ISTQB qualified testers provide ongoing assurance to maintain your app’s integrity and keep users on side with every new release.

Refinement & Analysis

A successful launch is just the beginning. To ensure a premium digital experience that connects with consumers, our analytical tools deep dive into the data and gather valuable user insights.

Mobile App Design

Ensuring our applications are beautifully designed, easy to use and delightful to experience is important. We work with a variety of partners to ensure our UI design and user experience is as strong as our engineering.

Bespoke Software Integration

Whether you have an existing platform or wish to create one that integrates with your legacy systems, we build and maintain SDK and APIs in-house.

Not only do they know what they’re doing, but they genuinely act as partners with you to execute it.

Renate - Gratuu
Enterprise App Developers

Where others rewrite, we recover.

We are specialists in recovering mobile apps which have been neglected or poorly built. Where others may prefer to rewrite an application our app developers are experienced in adopting, securing, maintaining and approving mobile applications through our Springboard Framework.

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App Recovery

When speaking to app developers, it often feels like rebuilding an app is the only possible option.

App recovery and refactoring are essential processes for developing or maintaining a successful mobile application. This process involves identifying and fixing any errors, bugs, or glitches that have been identified in the app. Our developers then move on to making changes to the app’s code and structure to make it more efficient, reliable, secure, and user-friendly.

Get More for Less

Our approach eliminates the high upfront costs associated with rebuilding an application from scratch, enabling you to quickly and safely recover an existing application with the help of our expert app development team.

Speed up Future Releases

We understand that time is money. Following an app refactor, you will have a much more streamlined code base, meaning that our developers can start delivering value more quickly than ever before.

Create a Stable Future

Our approach eliminates the high upfront costs associated with rebuilding an application from scratch, enabling you to quickly and safely recover an existing application with the help of our expert app development team.

Our Process

  1. Audit Your Code Quality
    We start with a complete technical audit from our experienced app developers. We review code quality, security, development environment, library updates and more to identify the best route to improving your app as efficiently as possible
  2. We take the time to understand your business requirements and capture them in a single source of truth, making sure all parties are on the same page before our developers start coding.
  3. Audit & Optimise
    Our team of experienced developers will audit your app against the intended functionality and produce a comprehensive list of deviations from the specification. This forms a backlog of issues for us to prioritize and optimise your app.
  4. Resolve High Impact, Low Risk, Low Effort Resolutions
    Our team at Indiespring is specialized in identifying and resolving any high impact, low risk, low effort issues quickly and efficiently. We will clear out such issues promptly, delivering those quick wins with a lightning release.
  5. Deployment Services
    Once our app developers have resolved these high priorities, we set up the structures needed for longer term success. This includes implementing end-to-end services including deployment, maintenance & support to ensure that your application remains up and running at all times.
  6. Monitor, measure & Maintain
    We provide ongoing support for our clients to ensure their apps are running smoothly. From there we can begin the process of iterative development wherein we resolve a backlog of technical issues, implement new features and improve the application overtime. This helps to keep your app up-to-date and secure.

Our Values

At Indiespring our purpose is to enable our employees to live their best lives.

We were founded with a goal of empowering our team to do great work whilst enjoying their lives to the fullest. This has meant supporting them through thick and thin as life happens.

This culture produces a happy, supported team which can balance their professional careers with the rest of their lives. That means our clients have access to professional, motivated and flexible team members to support their app development projects.

Our culture grew from this goal and, during the pandemic, we decided to codify what we think makes Indiespring a great place to work. These are the values which we decided upon which capture what it is to work for and with Indiespring.


Growing and learning through shared experiences both in and outside of work and celebrating our successes together. Our team wants work to feel like a second family.

No Rockstars

Enjoying the many rewards that come from following our passion while remaining humble, helping and respecting each other. We don’t tolerate highly talented prima-donnas.


Honesty and transparency are at the heart of everything we do, both internally as a team and with our clients. If we are honest, mistakes can only ever be genuine.

Life Happens

Supporting each other, our clients and our communities through the good and the bad, trusting that the relationship works both ways. Flexibility and empowerment is a style of relationship, not an employee perk.

Internal, Business Facing Applications

When thinking of mobile apps most people think about consumer facing apps deployed into the app store and Google Play store.

However, there’s another world of app development focussed on supporting organisations processes, staff and B2B customers. These apps are deployed internally to employees or partners rather than through the app store and they can be the lifeblood of modern organisations.

As an app development agency we have built a specialism in the development of these applications which focus on solving internal challenges using modern mobile technologies. Often these applications move away from the traditional “frontend addressing a UI” of consumer facing apps and focus on device-specific features such as…


The use of location services on modern mobile devices allows for a cost effective alternative to traditional telemetry. We have experience using telematics to track vehicles, monitor driving standards, track personnel in danger zones and much more.

Data Capture

Many business still use paper based solutions to capture data. A mobile application can make for a sensible alternative to capture structured data in a consistent format. It has the advantage of being able to capture images, be secured from loss/theft and ensure data standards are met.

Data Logging

The bluetooth capabilities of modern devices allow our mobile apps to connect to all manner of data logging/collection devices. This can allow internally deployed apps to capture data from flow rates through piping systems, to soil quality and chemical levels in remote farming locations.


We have extensive experience building applications which can scan QR codes and barcodes to allow for access control or inventory/logistics work. This can be done through the camera or using a dedicated scanning handset such as a Honeywell device.