Yesterday’s Apps, Engineered for Tomorrow.

Indiespring is a mobile app development agency who help businesses with neglected mobile applications make them future-proofed.

As problem solvers, we take the pain of application development and maintenance away.

Where others rewrite, we recover.

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From the latest OS updates to new devices and security, our blog covers everything you need to know about mobile app development and recovery.

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Case Study

We helped TrakGlobal save lives

Supported by government agencies, PaceNotes is built to save lives by preparing and supporting the learner driver experience and reducing first year collisions.

Do you have a mobile application which is neglected and falling down?

Are your team distracted trying to maintain and support one or more apps rather than focussing on your core product?

We help people like you! As an app development agency specialising in working with in house tech teams to support their mobile apps we differentiate ourselves by focussing on the adoption of apps from in-house teams, which allows you to focus on delivering your roadmap rather than app development.

Unlike many of our competitors we don’t suggest rebuilding your app from scratch by default, we’re comfortable embracing a legacy codebase and working methodically, via our springboard framework, to bring it up to scratch over time.

We work with a range of sectors but have developed a particular experience in building and maintaining internally deployed, business facing apps which might include data capture, telematics, QR code scanning and other app-first features.

Based in Manchester, Supporting the World

Enterprise App Development Across the World

Successful enterprise app development requires more than simple development skills. From our base in the UK, we work with clients across the world to create mobile applications that meet your business' needs.

Why Work with Us?

Indiespring is a leading mobile application agency that will help you create a successful mobile app project. We partner with you to understand your vision and then provide the best technology solutions to bring your idea to life.

A Clear Route To Success
At Indiespring, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We will look at what current technology offers and use our expertise to create the best possible solution that fits your project’s goals and budget. Our roadmap will be carefully tailored for you, so you can have confidence in every step of the way.

Expertise At Your Disposal
We have an amazing team of developers, designers and strategists who are passionate about creating great apps. We’re an agency who understand how complex and ever-changing the world of technology is, so we make sure that we stay ahead of the game by constantly upgrading our skillset and researching new trends.

High Quality Results
Your success is our success, so we strive for excellence in everything that we do. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that your app meets all industry standards while providing an excellent user experience that will keep customers coming back for more

Save money with our audit process
Unlike other app agencies, we understand the importance of limiting development cost when it comes to mobile app projects. That’s why we use a comprehensive audit process that allows us to determine if rebuilding your existing application is necessary or if certain features or functions can be salvaged and reused.

Create an Impactful Solution
Indiespring is committed to delivering a product that delivers results, no matter the industry or location. Our success comes from our ability to understand what each client wants and holding that vision in mind throughout the entire process, from planning to deployment.

Results-Driven Processes
Our processes are designed for efficiency and scalability. We use tried-and-tested methods such as Agile and Kanban, making sure that each project is delivered on time, within budget, and with maximum impact.

Our Springboard Process

  1. Get a clear view of your app’s current state
    We start with a complete technical audit from our experienced app developers. We review code quality, security, development environment, library updates and more to identify the best route to improving your app as efficiently as possible
  2. Capture and document your requirements
    We take the time to understand your business requirements and capture them in a single source of truth, making sure all parties are on the same page before we start coding.
  3. Audit Your Existing Application’s Functionality
    Indiespring will audit your mobile app against the functionality document, and produce a comprehensive list of deviations from the specification. This forms a backlog of issues for our development team to prioritize, so you we can draw up a plan to close those gaps.
  4. Deploy a lightning release
    Immediately deploying a release upon adoption allows us to confirm your mobile application is running on the latest code. We can also resolve any high impact, low risk, low effort issues we have identified.
  5. Create a professional environment
    As an app development agency, our clients trust us to set up and maintain modern & efficient application development environments with proper deployment, testing & integration setups. This ensures the highest quality of work and helps you stay ahead of the competition.
  6. Monitor, measure & Maintain
    From there we can begin the process of iterative development wherein we resolve a backlog of technical issues, implement new features and improve the application overtime.


How much does an app cost?

Our cost calculator tool will give you instant insight. Add or remove the features you want to include and directly compare the costs of building a mobile app.

UK Based Developers

Providing Competence not Capacity

A team born and bred in Manchester. We don’t outsource or offshore any of our development. Our team of UK based developers, designers and consultants are experienced in working closely with our clients in a strategic capacity. We focus on bringing consultantcy and competence to your team rather than simply providing overflow capacity
15 Years Experience

A Safe Pair of Hands

We’ve been building apps since the App Store was created. With over 15 year’s experience we bring a level of experience to your project which is difficult to match. We’ve worked on projects of all sizes with customers varying from local businesses to national charities.

Embracing the Mundane

App development is a rapidly changing world with new technologies coming to market, maturing and retiring every year. Our focus on enterprise application development, particularly on in-house apps, means we work primarily with mature technologies which are well supported by industry incumbents. This means we are well placed to support with native application development, Xamarin or MAUI application development or React Native Development.

Full Service App Development

As a a full service agency we specialise in the adoption and recovery of existing applications as well as particular experience with internally deployed, business facing applications. Our services include app development, app recovery, app testing, UX and UI design, digital transformation and a wide range of consultancy services.
Our Employees Stick Around

You Get an Experienced Team

We’ve been building apps since the App Store was created. With over 15 year’s experience as an app development agency we bring a level of experience to your project which is difficult to match. We’ve worked on projects of all sizes with customers varying from local businesses to national charities.
Only a Few Clients

Long Term Relationships

We are not a project based agency whose survival depends on high-ticket project based work. We are quite unique as an app development agency in that we onboard only 2-3 clients a year for long-term engagements. Generally we are retained to support and develop a mobile application over its lifecycle rather than for one off pieces of work.

Not only do they know what they’re doing, but they genuinely act as partners with you to execute it.

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We specialise In...

Refactoring In-House Apps

Unlike many app development agencies, we specialise in the adoption, recovery, securing and maintenance of applications. We have particular experience with in-house enterprise app development.

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