Indiespring helps technology providers build great mobile applications, meaning we work with in-house development teams every day. In an age of flexible resourcing, talented freelancers and off/near-shore outsourcing it is easy to see independent agencies as an overpriced route to getting the job done. We believe that high up front fees, fixed deliverables, change requests, long term contracts that lock you in and constantly changing “personnel” working on your “account” just doesn’t work in the modern world of project delivery.


Meet the Team

Indiespring has grown rapidly since 2012 and it’s the people who really make us the company we have become today. As the team has grown we have managed to keep our close team spirit which has really set us apart as agency.


Global Reach

Working with a global market has been in our blood from the beginning. From Alaska and the Bahamas across to Europe and even as far as Australia we have worked in markets all over the globe. No matter what your mobile issue is please get in touch to see how we can help.

“Not only do they know what they’re doing, but they genuinely act as partners with you to execute it.”

Renate - Gratuu
Start-ups & Joint Ventures

Innovation Team

We have a passion for new and exciting ideas and enjoy helping bring them to life. App Academy is a vastly subsidised start-up coaching program to take initial app ideas and prototypes from a great starting point to a successful release and beyond.

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