Whether you’re actively looking for a permanent or temporary role, future opportunities, or just curious to know what might be out there, Patently Jobvious is the specialist online introduction platform for the patent profession. They use a carefully selected algorithm rather than recruiting agencies, thus cutting out the middleman and saving up to 50% for their users – both employers and employees.

The Challenge

Patently Jobvious came to Indiespring with an innovative idea for a new site which effectively cut out the middle man in the patent job hiring process. The idea was to allow potential employers to post jobs on the site which hopeful employees could browse through and search specific criteria. The employers would receive the credentials of users who had applied for their job and choose candidates based on that. Patently Jobvious has already designed the site for themselves but needed Indiesprings technical abilities to allow their site to function smoothly and reflect their chosen design.

The Objectives

Project Manager James kept in contact with the Patently Jobvious team to ensure that we stuck to the brief and knew exactly what was required for the project. After a discussion with Rob Sandbach and Rob Traynor, our Technical Liaison and Lead Developer for the project, it was decided that the Patently Jobvious website would be made in AngularJS due to the requirement for a growing database and for Patently Jobvious to have the ability to access the ‘back end’ of the site and edit or upload their own information without being reliant on us for simple tasks.

The Team

James Project Manager

Rob Sandbach Technical Liaison

Rob Traynor  Lead Developer

Dave Thorpe Quality Assurance

What We Did

Information Architecture

We conducted a meeting with our client to discuss the requirements of the project. This included the necessity of an ease of editing and uploading information for the Patently Jobvious team, and the time scale of the project.

Not long after this was agreed, Patently Jobvious sent over their current designs and we set about creating a usable template for the AngularJS website.

Having already decided upon the process and requirement for their designs allowed us to jump straight into the development process, enabling us to focus primarily on the technical quality of the work rather than the aesthetics.

Trialling The Code

Angular JS was a relatively new platform for Indiespring at the time of development so extra care was taken to ensure that the code was of the highest quality.We introduced peer reviews and allowed for additional development time to ensure the project was never at any risk, and to enable our own developers time to learn a new code language.

Users have a unique log in to ensure data is stored.

A selection of tick boxes forms an idea of the personality of each candidate, and what they’re looking for from Patently Jobvious.

Information split into two separate pages to create an easily digestible layout.

What We Delivered

The Patently Jobvious website was delivered and then updated to version two rapidly to ensure our clients were completely happy and include any added features. The technology used allowed Patently Jobvious to make small edits to content themselves and have the control over their own website that they needed. Once the project was complete, we also began monitoring progress in Google Analytics to quantify the success of the new designs and functions.

  • Fully functioning and responsive site
  • Based on the client’s exact specifications
  • Incorporation of the client templates
  • SEO ready
  • Google Analytics and monitoring
  • Ability to edit in the back end


Our work with Patently Jobvious increased their overall page views by over 20% within Google analytics and reduced bounce rate by 8%.

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