Focus on building an awesome application whilst our fully qualified mobile assurance engineers proactively test your app with every new device and software update. Actionable bug reports delivered to your development team in a timely manner with full coverage of your customer base. This is all carried out by our dedicated UK based team. No Automation.

The Benefits

Happier User – Your users are less likely to encounter frustrating bugs that can occur with the variance of devices on the market, irrespective of how they access your app.  This will drastically improve both user engagement and retention.

Peace of Mind – You can be confident in the stability of your app no matter the device or operating system your users prefer.

Low Investment – By utilising a competitive initial setup fee followed by a monthly retainer we can keep your costs manageable whilst ensuring the highest level of device coverage.

Save Money – We use over 20 of the latest devices to test your application across the most common iOS and Android setups preferred by your users.

Save Time – No need to pay specialist QA staff to go over the same tests multiple times on multiple devices. Hundreds of hours are saved each year by using our MAP testing rig.

Deployment support – Get support with new deployments, these can be tested quickly across devices on OS’s to make sure any new features and bug fixes are working as expected for all of your user base.

What our clients say

“They are incredibly flexible, and patient too, considering our scope and requiremtns changed constantly throughout the project. They attacked the project with the same vigour even when we scaled back the brief by 60%”.

Ryan Arbarbi – Technical Director, Farrat Isolevel Ltd

Not everyone understands the need to regularly test and update their App’s, however without doing this diligently you will lose your customer base as bugs arise and the complaints arrive. We have a 3 step process that’s simple to understand but incredibly effective in assuring a quality experience for your users.

Familiarisation & Documentation – We work to build a detailed test script and train our engineers on the app’s UI and functionality. We agree a targeted device list to monitor and perform an initial test.

With this framework we have a platform and reference to move forwards with testing improving your app’s making sure that the core functionality and offering of your app is always providing the desired experience.

Proactive Monitoring & Testing – We maintain agreed SLA’s with software and device updates and keep you informed of the testing required and any amends we believe need making to the original test scripts.

Moving dynamically with the test script and update monitoring means we are always ahead of your target audience in uptake, meaning your customers wont have bad experiences.

Reporting & Improving – Issues are prioritised, categorised and fed into your preferred bug tracking software. Monthly reports detail coverage, test completed and outstanding issues.

Reporting with structure means that you will always have a handle on what is happening in the market and gives you control and input on the performance of your apps.

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