Do you want better results from your app?

When we invest wisely in an application, whether it’s our Mobile Assurance or Continuous Optimisation Programme, we get much more than the project itself. We achieve results. We help you implement and maintain the principals of a user-friendly app upon which you can build a more profitable business.

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    We use our unique solutions to make your app and business succeed…

    • Pro Support
    • Mobile Assurance Programme
    • Continuous Optimisation Programme
    • User Rating Reporting
    • User Experience Analysis

    … and while the designs look cool, our work achieves outstanding results!

    Helping you increase the lifetime value of your customers

    The creation of a beautiful app is only just the start. Assurance that the app is consistent and reliable for each and every user is imperative for the duration of the product. We’re practitioners with over 5 years in user and customer experience and adapting to user behaviours making us highly experienced in delivering and maintaining user satisfaction. We truly believe the key to creating the perfect app for a user is continuous investment and innovation to reward our users with the best possible experiences.

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    Improving the lives of people who use our apps

    Bahamas Telecom, Alstom, Videopoker, Pace Notes, Sorry Mate and the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum are just a few of the businesses improving the lives of their customers by using Indiespring designed mobile apps. Each created and maintained to deliver bespoke services to users across the world.

    From Boston (USA) to Dubai (UAE) we work across all time zones. We take pride in creating, maintaining and optimising apps which are beautiful, useful, accessible and secure: a showcase for the talents of the Indiespring Design Team.

    Apps which create measurable value for our clients

    Every Indiespring project follows a 3-stage bespoke service to meet your business goals.

    Design and Build

    We start by working on clarifying your specific goals: why is the work required? Must we resolve problems or achieve ambitions? Often, it’s both. Meticulous attention to detail is necessary. Two things are key:

    • A clear understanding of the problems we must solve
    • Exactly what it will take in time and budget

    Once agreed our project leader will keep everything on track. They provide project plan updates and checklists with you at every stage in the development. Our quality assurance team will verify all the testing; nothing is signed off until the authorisation process is complete.

    “Our scope and requirements changed constantly throughout the project. They attacked the project with the same vigour even when we scaled back the brief by 60%” – Ryan Arbabi, Farrat

    Mobile Assurance Programme

    Our Mobile Assurance Programme gives you the confidence to know your mobile applications are being regularly tested to assure compatibility with the latest handset and operating system releases. Through the program, your applications will be routinely tested as new OS releases and devices come to market with any QA issues reported to you via your preferred bug tracking software.

    Continuous Experience Optimisation

    We begin the continuous process of working to keep your app profitable and highly rated amongst your customer base. This ongoing cycle of support continues to optimise your app through the following means:

    • Monitoring
    • Analysing
    • Measuring
    • Improving

    To help you attract lasting users, and improve your desired conversion rate.

    Do you want better results from your app?

    You will have many questions to ask before you decide to start with your project. Please feel free to seek our help and advice, we are here to help you make the right decisions. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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