Better Driver

Trak Global’s Better Driver App has been developed to encourage young drivers to become safer drivers. Better Driver is a telematic app which monitors how users are driving. It keeps track of their journeys, mileage and driving style score so they can monitor their own performance. This information is used to reward the drivers if they score well therefore encouraging safer driving. For every week a user receives a positive (green) Driving Style Score, they will be rewarded. Put simply, the better the user drives, the more they will get back in rewards!

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Trak Global’s Better Driver app was getting lots of complaints and poor reviews in the app store for failing in its core offering. The struggle for Trak was that the app was very difficult to test due to the nature of the app. We engaged with Trak Global to offer our Mobile Assurance Program to ensure that we could improve the situation and deliver their customers the experience they wanted. By providing our MAP program we could actually take the app out on the road with our suit of 70+ devices and see these issues in the situations where they are taking place.

Manual Testing
Update Monitoring

By creating an in depth test script alongside the Trak team and creating a bespoke reporting system for their own development team we were able to quickly communicate with Trak the errors we found not only at the start of the MAP program, but also with every new update to the operating systems or with new releases of market leading devices. This originally allowed Trak to turn the development around. However we have now taken over the development of this app maintenance as Trak were struggling to keep up with the speed of change in the mobile ecosystems.

Our development team now takes the reports generated from our MAP testing and fixes any issues that have cropped up and then run a second round of testing to ensure Trak’s application is functioning as specified.


The MAP program is designed to be a frontline to support against the huge and ever changing mobile landscape. There are now a huge amount of popular devices and every year there are a plethora of updates to both iOS and Android which all create difficulties for app developers. The Better Driver app wasn’t Trak’s core business, so we were brought in to help manage the app, and to support the wider strategic direction for them. Finally we were charged with delivering the fast paced development cycles necessary to maintain the app.

Manual Testing
Update Monitoring

Our developers and testers have spent time working in Trak’s offices in Crewe alongside their development team, who have also worked from our offices in Central Manchester. More recently we’ve collaborated with their Canadian counterparts. Regardless of whether we’re sat together, using our shared Slack channel or video calling each other from halfway across the world, our process has always had collaboration at its core. We’re all one team working on making this app great!


93 Bugs Found
70 Devices Tested

In the first 3 months of our mobile assurance program we reported 93 issues to the Trak Global development team which just shows the amount of variance between the mobile devices and Operating System updates.

Indiespring have delivered a seamless integration with our development and their vigilance around the MAP program means we can focus on developing our products further without the distraction of OS variance releases.

Pete Finch - CTO
Better Driver

The App

Mobile Assurance Program

The Mobile Assurance Program is designed to test mobile applications that are consumer facing and needs a robust and bespoke test script created to make sure the application is working to specification. With the Better Driver app the challenge was on the road testing which we have been able to take and the challenge was proving difficult to handle for Trak.


Our team has recently taken over development as we have the ability to respond quickly to the launch of new devices in the market and the high number of OS releases. Trak trusts our development team to keep the app functioning and now to add new features and take the app forward. This shows the trust between the two teams and this partnership has led to joint ventures outside of the Better Driver app.