Gratuu is a compliant tipping solution that allows customers to tip staff directly into their bank accounts via a mobile device. Using QR codes customers can tip individual staff members.

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The existing product works with the use of QR codes and requires a business to set up such code for the customers to scan when they want to tip the staff. Renate (the founder) wanted to build on that solution and develop an app which would improve and simplify the user experience by letting the users tip anyone in the area directly from their phone. She came to us with simply just a concept and asked for support and suggestions on how to design and develop a minimalistic app which would work best for her users.

MVP Created
Investment Support

We assisted in turning the general requirements into a precise specification, taking into consideration technology, budget and time limitations. We also helped to define the ‘musts’ of the MVP to avoid scope creep and to make sure we release the product as soon as possible. We then worked closely together to produce designs and interactive prototypes to use when speaking to investors.


Indiespring don’t just want to be involved corporate tech solutions, when opportunities arise to support exciting projects which could impact the world around us and make a difference to individuals we love to get involved.

Mobile Expertise
Project Support

Every year we work with a handful of smaller companies to turn their idea’s into reality. Our mobile expertise that we have developed over the past decade means we can turn ideas into world changing businesses.

Not only do they know what they’re doing, but they genuinely act as partners with you to execute it.

Renate - MD

The App


When we work in partnership on ideas with us the first steps are to work through our discovery workshops. Getting into the root of the problem we are solving and allowing our team to create a solution and specification that not only is the idea but also bring it to life in a real way for users.

Design & UX

Taking the specification and turning into a working demo to help secure investment was the challenge our UX specialists undertook and our in-house design team brought the product to life.