5 Ways You Can Use Google To Create Great Content

Most content creators might develop personas, talk with sales teams about customer challenges or brain storm in order to get ideas and inspiration for writing compelling content. Google has spent the last 20 years learning how to serve the most relevant search results.

So how can we use this? This article will outline 5 areas where you can use Google to create great compelling content.

Improving Your SEO with Analytics


If you aren’t performing in search results as you would have hoped, analysing key factors such as traffic, bounce rate, average time on page and SEO factors such as user experience and site speed can give you a clear indication of how useful your content really is. If you are not getting much traffic or have a high bounce rate of users leaving the page quickly but your technical and user experience (site speed, file size, page structure meta data etc) aspects of your site are fine, it could indicate that your content is not quite right.

You may need to rework it completely or tweak aspects that you believe are contributing to the poor performance, you may even decide to delete it. Whatever you decide to do it’s better than doing nothing because if google doesn’t think the content should perform well, it’s likely that people won’t engage with it either.

SEO and content marketing over the past few years have become closer and closer and in 2017 we’ll see them get closer still. Much of the insights that SEOs have been using to optimised web pages can assist the creation of better and more compelling work.

Using Keyword Searches to Discover Different Formats


You won’t be shocked to know that the most common format of content used is text on a standard webpage. Over the years search engines (such as Google) have embraced this and are now integrating formats such as video, apps, graphs etc within organic search results.

Analysing these search integrations can give you insights about the different media and formats your content should incorporate to suit your audience’s needs.

For example search a term such as “how to create a blog” displays a direct answer box followed by a series of video instances.

how to create a wordpress blog search

how to create a wordpress blog search result

how to make a wordpress blog video



Performing keyword search on topics you want to cover can give you an idea of the formats Google selects. If you can manage to display your content in these, you can potentially boost your traffic. There are also many tools available to help track the appearance of Google’s universal and extended integration to see how well you are performing.

Discover How To Create and Post Fresh Content


Using free tools such as Adwords keyword planner and Google trends that provide some guidance on search volume and trends can help with creating fresh content and how to distribute it.

google trends digital marketing content


However there are other search tools out there that are more sophisticated that provide in-depth analysis. It all comes down to your preference and situation.

Observe Your Competition


When looking at your competition it is important to remember the businesses you are competing with directly for sales won’t necessarily be the same as those you’re competing against in terms of content marketing. Using keyword searches related to your targeted topic, can highlight competitors in a similar field.

 For example searching for a term such as “speeding offence” displays results from  a gov.uk (providing useful details regarding the process and punishments of a speeding offence)  several law firms (Providing information on speeding offences and how the services they offer help you) as well as a few articles related to being caught speeding.

Studying high ranking content that may or may not compete with your own, can provide inspiration and outline gaps in the area that are not being covered. This will give you a clear sight of how you will create your content as well as what you should base it on.

Some paid search tools can analyse your content and using that data give you a sample of your top competitors. This will give you a sense of who is writing similar work to you and insights into where you can improve.

Learn How To Present


How your content is presented is now more important than ever. Google tracks user metrics such as bounce rate and time on site. This is to get a measurement of the user experience of individual pages and websites to evaluate the relevance of your site to the search query.

It is highly important to think about how your content is presented to your audience. Reviewing high ranking content that also targets the same audience/topics as you can provide insights in areas such as: number and quality of images on a page; the presence of video; the readability of text and the use of bullet points; statistics, charts and tables to organise information.

If you would like to discuss or need help on how to write great content, please get in touch we would love to help!