Into May and 2017 is flying by! Hopefully everyone is having a successful year, whatever that means for you personally and your businesses. However we need to be aware of what major changes are still heading our way, and how to change our strategy around this. This is always the case in Digital Marketing, so here are a few things we should all be aware of.

Spoken SEO:

The rise of the smart speakers is causing some panic as we need to rethink SEO strategy. All the biggest search engines are available on one device or another, many solely controlled by voice. This allows customers to search for and compare products without the use of a screen, meaning there is now a need for SEO to be based on how we communicate verbally. This indicates a necessity to target a less formal and a more colloquial voice. A great discussion of the other ways that voice search is affecting SEO can be found here.

Facebook’s Changes

With nearly two billion active monthly users Facebook is, and has been for a long time, the most popular social media platform available. This means it must factor into every digital marketer’s strategy when approaching a project, and keeping up to date with new features is mandatory.

To help with that, here’s a quick round-up of Facebook’s recently added features:

  • Power Editor
  • Facebook Ad Features
  • Facebook Live, which now includes Live Streaming from your computer
  • Live Locations
  • New Ad Report Features
  • New In-App Camera
  • Message Reactions
  • Messenger Mentions

Facebook have introduced a new lead capturing feature that marketers can use on their Facebook ads called Lead Ads. Lead Ads are available for use through Facebook’s Ad Manager. You can create and customize ads, requesting that visitors submit different kinds of information, such as Email address, postcode, and phone number. Information entered into this system can be downloaded and processed to increase the reach of marketing campaigns in the future

Facebook Live has been round for several months now, but it’s gained so much popularity that it’s beginning to challenge conventional news sources. Recently, Theresa May met with ITV for the first Facebook Live Interview of a UK Prime Minister.

Theresa May's Facebook Live Interview shows how you need to change your facebook live strategy


This is a platform which enables companies to continually experiment and personalise across websites and mobile apps. It enables its users to experiment with A/B testing. It also allows its customers to take the personalization of the user experience to a whole new level by allowing them to experiment with the different ways in which they can manipulate websites’ interfaces to fit each individual user’s personalized wants and needs. Putting the customers in the driving seat of this customisation is now giving digital marketeers a fantastic new tool and insight into the consumers and what drives their desires when it comes to UX.

Brand new (and updated) tools by Google

Google has, in the past year, released a few major updates to their G Suite, such as Google Analytics. Among the various improvements, Google has combined the dashboard, custom reports, and custom alerts into one tab, rather than having individual items on the left panel. In addition, Google has replaced its intelligence events with an automated system.

There is lots of grumbling from the community about how much more they want from their analytic tools and the levels of integration and usability to help them achieve even more insight. All of which is rumoured to be on the way.

Changing your Strategy

For more insight into the changes to the Digital Sector in 2017 and how to alter your strategy to come out on top, contact Indiespring: we’d love to help!