How To Blog Like The Big Guys

Everyone’s heard the saying “Fake It Til You Make It”, and it rings just as true for content marketing. If you’re confident in what you do, eventually people start to notice you and believe what you’re writing in your blog- because YOU believe what you’re writing.


I recently did an analysis of the top 50 Digital Agencies in the UK (ranked by Prolific North) and their social media and content marketing strategies. Turns out, once you hit the real big guns… no one updates all that much. But that’s the agencies with hundreds of big clients already, who everyone already knows.


But the agencies climbing up the ranks are updating constantly- Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blog posts every week, if not more often. Effectively, they’re operating on the idea that the more people see their name, the more they are subconsciously remembered. And producing valuable content makes them seem trustworthy and reliable to potential clients. It’s working.


So I’ve made several spreadsheets and graphs (and genuinely had a lot of fun doing it…) to quantify how these Rising Stars have been tackling the mystery that is inbound marketing, and from it I can take some interesting points.


One of the graphs I created, minus the actual agency names (because we don’t shame here.)


Use The Right Platforms

There’s no point putting intricately detailed articles about SEO Keywords on Facebook; you just don’t get the right audience. Post your technical blogs on Twitter and LinkedIn, and your behind the scenes ‘look how fun we are!’ blogs to Facebook (and twitter, if you feel your followers are the right kind of audience). Instagram and snapchat also follow in the same vein as Facebook, but there should be no attempt to write lengthy articles there, just make that content fun and picture based. If you’re still unsure of how to use each platform correctly- check out my How To Win At Social Media post.


Regular Updates

As previously mentioned, if you’re planning to gain more recognition, you need to be in the public’s eyes more. Make sure that you’re updating your blog around once a week. Try to tweet- and post to LinkedIn- a link to one of your blog posts at least once a day, as well as engaging with your followers and maybe retweeting/ sharing other user’s updates.

Try To Stay Relevant

Updating your blog with current news is great, especially if it’s your take on current news. Indiespring posted The Big Chip On The Block, which not only detailed the awards ceremony and our work on it, but helped readers understand how to enter the awards.

Don’t Force It

Don’t just sit down and force yourself to write something because it’s been two weeks and you need to update. Scroll through the various feeds you have, read a few articles and form opinions. Gain inspiration from the writing of others- and then try to do it better for yourself. This also helps with the next point…

Contribute to the Conversation

Don’t just repeat what everyone else is saying- add your own opinion and comment on their ideas. This allows for an easy basis to your articles but still gives you free roam enough to say exactly your point. Make sure to give proper recognition to those you quote!

Show Yourself

People identify with people so much more than a brand. If your users know that it’s you typing your content, they begin to care about you, which in turn allows them to care for your opinion. Many blogs recommend showing your face and giving readers a way to contact you, especially if it’s a personal brand that you’re trying to build.

The Readability of Your Blog

Increase your readability with pictures and links to other relevant sites, or quotes. If you have a WordPress blog, checking your readability is super easy, and you’re even given options of how to improve it.


Take the time to interact with any comments, shares or messages you get on your social media platforms about your blog, and even prompt responses or interact with followers when they haven’t contacted you first. This can show that you care about your readers, and they’ll begin to care about you too. Check out my blog on Getting the Right Balance Between Automation and Real Life to ensure you spend enough time interacting with your audience without getting bogged down.

Care About The Brand

If you actually take the time to care about your blog and the brand you’re creating, the rest will fall naturally into place (with some guidelines!). Maybe try writing a plan of when you’re going to update, and research the latest news related to the subject of your blog to stay relevant.


Indiespring’s blog writing process



If you have any questions or further insights into how to write your blog like the big guys, contact me directly at or Indiespring here.