Digital bandwidth (also known as Network Bandwidth or Data Bandwidth) refers to the maximum transfer rate of a system over a connection. In effect, it’s really just how fast data is transferred, usually measured in bits per second.

For example, a decade ago you may well have used an extremely slow DSL connection with a maximum speed of 1.5 megabits(Mb) per second. This speed was your bandwidth, and only allowed a mere 1.5Mb of data per second to transfer between your network and your computer, which was fine for simply browsing MySpace or waiting hours for a song to download from Limewire- or whatever people did on the internet in 2006- but it’s not up to scratch for what the market demands today.

Today, through the use of fibre optic cabling, we’re not moving megabits per second but gigabits, (1Gb= 1000 Mb) or at least multiple Mbs, which is how we are able to stream games, films and music into our homes on multiple devices simultaneously!

If you want to find out your Digital Bandwidth, why not take this Speed Test?