Depending on your business, Facebook Advertising may be better for you than a standard PPC  Ad campaign on Google. Determining if it’s better for you or not is simple; think about your target audience, and your product.

Are you offering something visually exciting, desirable or shareable? Facebook.

Or are you a local business that would like to grab users already looking for a product? Google.

If you think Google Advertising would be a better fit for you, we’ve written some great articles in the past that should really help.

If you think your business would benefit from Facebook Advertising, read on to find out how to create an awesome Facebook ad campaign.



Understand Your Target Audience

Facebook have a great tool to help you do this: Audience Insights. Before you even spend money targeting an audience, understand who you’re aiming for. Insights allows you to comprehend your Facebook fans in detail, so you can tailor your campaign to an audience who care about your brand or product. This obviously saves both time and money, which can be spent much more efficiently through your campaign.


understanding your audience is important in an ad campaign


The great thing about Facebook ads is that you can be extremely specific about who you’re targeting – even more so than with Google. Obviously if you’re targeting a smaller, more valuable audience, your cost will end up being smaller.



Make Your Ad Campaign Exciting

Obviously we all know that visual content is so much more influential than simple text…



But we can’t just slap any old picture onto an ad and call it a day. The great thing about Facebook ads is that you can include an image that is eye catching, so why not use it to your advantage? This article gives you some great tips on best practise for images in ads. Once you’ve found your perfect image, write your copy around it – and for your audience. There are plenty of considerations when you’re writing content for ads, so make sure you’re considering all of them!


Utilise Landing Pages

Not only do landing pages allow your user to get to what they’re interested in – exactly what they clicked – , they also allow you to further quantify how well your ads are doing through analytics and reporting.

Your landing page can include a ‘lead capture form’ to help you understand your audience even further. This will also inadvertently lower your bounce rate!

Creating a landing page tailored to your campaigns makes users feel valued and can actually make them more interested in your brand (and other content.) Just make sure to include clear, relevant information so your users understand why they’re there, and links to other similar pages on your site. Don’t make your users work for it, they’ve already shown their interest.


 To Conclude

I hope this article has helped you decide whether Facebook is the right place to spend money and promote your brand. As with all advertising, it’s important to be efficient and spend time thinking about your campaigns critically. If you need help with your paid marketing, we’ve got a great PPC Management program if you need any help, and you can contact us for more information.