Influencer marketing is used by every brand and his dog today. Whether it’s a well established family name, or a rising star company, you’ll see so much sponsored content a day – perhaps without even realising.

“B2B influencer marketing is a cheap and efficient way to create successful marketing campaigns spanning a variety of marketing channels without investing a huge amount of time into them.”

Murray Newlands, Business Adviser, speaking in Entrepreneur Magazine.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

“Influencer Marketing is the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who create high-impact conversations with consumers about your brand, product or service.”

Quoted from here.

Effectively, it’s the act of paying  popular ‘influencers’ relating to your industry to promote your brand or products through their actions; usually social media posts. You may have seen the ‘#sp #ad #sponsored’ posts all over your instagram feed…

influencer marketing can take place on many social platforms


Why choose an influencer over traditional marketing methods?

One simple answer is targeted exposure. Collaborations are made with influencers who are known to your potential consumer. Trust plays a key factor into the popularity of influencer marketing. Potential customers find it more difficult to trust you talking about how great your own brand is. (in fact, 92% of consumers  are more likely to trust an individual than a brand) Seeing that your products are endorsed by someone important to your industry means that your products are good! (or at least, that’s how the psychology behind it works).

The idea behind it is much more valuable that traditional marketing – not only do the adverts pertain specifically to your audience, they also come from a reliable third party. Therefore all impressions offer more potential for your brand.

You may even be more likely to get impressions. 47% of online customers use ad block technology, so your traditional outbound digital ads might not even be seen by your market. Even without using technologies to block your advertisements, our subconscious does it for us. The human brain can only store so much information, and with each of us seeing an average of 5000 adverts per day, why would yours be the one they remember?

Answer; because it doesn’t seem like an advertisement…

influencer marketing takes place on many platforms

The best option for your brand?

It has been revealed that influencer marketing has been growing for the past couple of years – and continues to rise, according to this survey.

So it seems that using influencers in marketing may not just be right for you, but for everyone.

influencer marketing impact 90% of the change on the web


In fact, even B2B businesses can gain from the tactic. Take a look at this great article of examples from Entrepeneur.

A pro of using influencers is that the budget can suit anybody – if you’re a start up with a miniscule marketing budget, start with a smaller influencer and, if it works, build up from there.

Never simply toss the idea of an influencer because your industry isn’t ‘right for it’ – I can guarantee there’s someone you look up to in your industry.


So, think you’re ready to start?

Econsultancy have a great guide on how to use influencer marketing successfully, using these key steps:

  1. Build the story you want to tell.
  2. Find the right influencers
  3. Learn to listen, before you ask.
  4. Focus on adding value.
  5. Nurture a culture of sharing.

For more detail, make sure to read the article!


Thanks for reading, and I hope this helped you. Why not contact Indiespring to pair your influencer marketing with other techniques, such as PPC?