In today’s Digital World, and in my case working for a Digital Agency, sometimes it can feel like the people you are working with are very far away. In some cases this is very true as, in the Global Market many of your work can be remote. The Internet’s growth and increasingly easy communication can sometimes mean we may never meet our clients, partners or even team.


This has many perks; healthy competition, access to a larger market, more opportunities, and instant contactability.


But what happens if your clients dry up?


Say, if you lose a major team member or a partnering firm changes direction? This can happen very quickly, and therefore this is why there is a need for your company to have a face.


Social Media

Many online users are signed up to several social media platforms. This gives a sense of realism and personability not only to the World Wide Web, but also to your individual brand. This strategy also works hand in hand with your website to create interest and generate visitors. For advice on how to improve your social media presence, check out our blog post here.


A face however is not just a snazzy website, with an email attached and phone number to call. Not even when simply paired with great social content. Everyone can have all of these things for negligible cost and it won’t, in today’s world, make you stand out from the rest.


You NEED to have a presence within your business community and you only ever achieve this by venturing into the great outdoors and meeting people. Scary, I know!

Whether it be going to your local network meeting, joining a ‘b2b’ group or simply making the effort to visit old clients and colleagues, you need to make sure you are visible in the business community. The advantages of this are impossible to ignore and any business doing so need look no further than here to see what they could be missing out on.

Don’t wait until it’s too late…

Having recently moved into business development it is already clear that numerous businesses are already catching on and getting themselves out into the light to see what their competition are up to, share ideas and grow their own community.


However, I also see how many of those people are doing it out of desperation. They have suddenly run dry on work and a scrambling for people to work with/for but this is not the approach to have.


Giving your business a face is all well and good, but it also takes time. Many people reading will already know of the “Know, Like, Trust” within networking and this always rings true. That key word “trust” takes more than a few weeks to create and if you have already ran out of work it may be too late to take the time to gain that.

This is why I’m stressing to  give your business a face, and do it now.

It doesn’t have to take up too much time and you don’t have to have a specific person to do it. Attending 2-3 meetings a month will rapidly gather brand awareness and by attending the same events regularly will help with the “like and trust” factors.


In summary giving your business a face is key to longevity, growth and, in my opinion, satisfaction. Don’t dread being seen, be proud that you have something or are part of something successful. It’s one of the best things you can do for your business and will give you an edge over everyone with a DIY site.