If you work in the recruitment sector (and even if you don’t), I’m sure you can agree that the market feels pretty saturated right now. Everyone seems to be cold-calling to offer their services. This, unfortunately, tends to annoy a lot of people.

The difficulty is that nowadays, phone calls are seen as a personal connection to a person you already know.

A form of marketing that everyone understands they’re being sold to from nowadays is Digital – social and content, to be specific.

Below are three tips (and maybe even a bonus tip in the conclusion) on how to use digital marketing to the fullest for recruiters.


We work with BCL Legal, a recruitment company with an HQ in Manchester. Our first tip comes from their experience:


Take advantage of content marketing

BCL publish new blogs very regularly – around one every day or two. These blogs are always relevant to the legal sector and helpful to their target audience. Blogs are a great way to add new content to your website and boost your search engine rankings, but that’s not their only use. They also, as mentioned above, help your candidates by providing them with useful information, and promote the skills and knowledge of your staff from within your organisation.


Scope out what your competitors write about and formulate your own opinions about similar topics. Encourage your staff to write content. If they have something relevant to the industry that they want to share, your encouragement and support of their ideas will benefit the both of you, and it’s a great way to improve the relationship you have with your staff. Who knows, you may even get blog posts like this…


A blog post from BCL Legal recruitment

Take advantage of recruitment tools out there


It may feel good to do it all yourself. You may thing you have a handle on it all. But there’s no shame in using every available resource out there to improve the service you give to your customers. You can find so many out there, but this blog post is a great compilation of some really useful ones. Worst case scenario: you’ll find something you were doing wrong and be able to correct yourself. Best case scenario? You’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort by automating or improving one of your pre-existing services.


Try different social advertising

Not having any luck on LinkedIn? There are plenty of other social platforms. You could be one of the modern recruitment agencies transitioning over to use Google, Facebook and even Reddit.


Advertising is often associated with search engines such as Google, but don’t forget social media platforms. You have to go where your candidates are as the saying goes, and one of those places – as unlikely as it seems – is Reddit. Either build your profile as the above link suggests, or try PPC advertising on Facebook, Google, Reddit and more.


A bonus tip?

A final tip from me is to make sure that your website is up to scratch. It’s important to give your candidates everything that they need as soon as possible – as I mentioned before, the market is saturated. If you’re not giving them the best experience, they have dozens of other companies that can help them. Your candidates don’t want to have to check your website to get your number, then call you to give you their email, then reply to an email with their address, to fill out a form and mail it back to you.

Your website needs to be all-encompassing. Talk to Indiespring to figure out how you can improve your customers’ User Experience.