Indiespring are proud to sponsor the Big Chip Awards, the longest running digital awards in the UK and the northern digital award ceremony.


Rather than writing a short speech this year, we wanted to do something a little more interesting.

            We decided to create the ‘Indiespring Awards’, an unofficial, fun, virtual award that everyone at the awards night can get. We had a page designed that will be put in front of everyone there so that they can download the companion app that we built, and claim their award.


            The companion app is a simple, augmented reality app, where you point your camera at the ‘marker image’ that we provide and are presented with your very own virtual Indiespring award, in the style of the real Big Chip award. Of course ours are less prestigious, but they look almost as cool!

            The awards are all very silly, ‘Most daring use of company expenses’, ‘Loudest chewer’ and ‘Party animal’ to name a few. We thought this was a better way to get our name out there, and encourage social media sharing, which has also been integrated into the app.

            Short on time and big on ideas, we got to work immediately, hiring an artist to design the print page, including the tutorial and QR codes, as well as the marker whilst simultaneously designing and building the app. We used Vuforia, a solid, pre-built AR library, which saved us weeks of work, within the Unity engine, to produce a cross platform (Android and iOS) build targeting all devices as quickly as possible.

            We kept the design minimal, in line with our website and the designed print page, had a lot of fun coming up with a load of ‘awards’, and making the whole experience feel smooth, fast and overall easy and fun. After we had the core element of the app working, we updated it with iterations of the 3D award model until we were happy, and added features such as integrated Twitter sharing, screenshot saving and a camera flash button, knowing that on the night the lighting will be relatively dim. After this, we built a simple main menu, with a start and help button, so the user can easily figure out what to do when they have downloaded the app.

            We managed to get this all done in less than 2 weeks, and we were very excited to see how it panned out on the night! Either way, we all agree that this is a lot more fun than the standard sponsor input.

We made sure we had a lot of fun on the night.


The Awards seemed to go well; no one complained of any bugs within the app, and there were several tweets of different people’s awards!

If you like the look of our work, you can check out more here, and if you think we can help you with something similar, speak to us now.