We solve issues of competence; not capacity.


Thinking is more important than doing


Provide Dedicated Teams


Working together - not “playing it back” to you


Thinking Beyond the Application

The Win

Death of the Almighty Day Rate - Sharing the Win
We solve issues
of competence;
not capacity.

Are you just too busy
to get everything done?
You don’t need us.

We know the feeling. Too many requirements; too many stakeholders; too much work for you to deliver. Unreasonable deadlines, unexpected requests and unknown requirements. A feeling that an extra pair of hands will give you the breathing space you need and let your team focus on the priorities.

When you are maxed out the idea of offloading some of your workload is an appealing one and it offers a short-term solution to deliver work beyond the capacity of your in-house team.

Traditionally the agency model actually favours a client who knows exactly what they want. A clear specification, well laid out and with little uncertainty. A project with little risk which can be delivered on time and on budget. A win for everyone

Thinking is
more important
than doing.

We’re here to help
design the perfect solution
to your problem…

…so please start with the problem you want to solve not a solution you would like implemented. We have an established framework and process that lets us understand the problems unique to your circumstances, diagnose the problem and design the perfect solution that we know will deliver real value.

It’s what lets us share the risk and reward in many of the projects we engage in.

That process needs time, structure and support from you to be successful. It is the most critical stage for the project’s success and we won’t put our name against a solution that hasn’t had the attention it requires.


Let’s talk turnover…

The most important question to ask any agency is their staff turnover rate. It tells you everything you need to know about how they treat their team and how much they value long term thinking for their clients.

Why is that? The agency likes to band people into groups. You’re receiving 10 hours of “senior developer” time. Who is this mysterious senior developer? The truth is he could be anyone. A faceless commodity substituted in to deliver cookie cutter work for whichever project is scheduled for that day. The worker might not even be an employee of the agency.

It’s utter insanity. It degrades the worker and contradicts the agency’s supposed focus on strategy and partnership by suggesting that anyone can deliver any work required.

Working together -
not “playing it back”
to you

The perfect project.

Having realised that you’ve not got the experience to deliver a project you decide to work with an agency to help fill the skills gap. You decide what is to be delivered, agree a price, are told a delivery date, wait patiently and then (hopefully!) receive a quality piece of work on time and on budget. You happily rejoice having got just what you needed.

Where’s the long term value? How is your team enriched or better equipped? What happens when the next project comes along, or the project needs amending. What if the project doesn’t meet requirements?

It’s so old fashioned.

the Application

Design. Develop.

The classic pattern of software development that all development teams follow. A time honoured and proven approach that delivers a solid end product. A big up-front fee and a nice ongoing retainer. For classic software development, it’s a great fit, and indeed it will deliver an incredible application to your customers.

In this day and age though a well considered app that is maintained over time just isn’t enough. A app’s success is dictated by more than just the quality of it’s design and development – the eco system requires a much broader perspective and ongoing commitment.

Unlike traditional software, the platforms on which these apps run is changing and evolving every month. New device types, from new vendors, on new platforms, with new distribution channels with new rules mean proactive monitoring of the handsets and App Store policies is essential. We proactively monitor and test all of our apps across their lifespan against a library of 150 devices – you can’t just have a QA phase and release any more.

Sharing the Win

A deep understanding of the
problem. Time to produce a
compelling solution.

An ongoing commitment to improving and maintaining the app’s wider success. All delivered by a committed, dedicated extension of your team that are learning from one another every day.

The various components of our approach allow us to deliver solutions which we are committed and bought in to.

As such we are invested, sometimes literally, in the success of our projects. Instead of billing our time at a high day rate we can be completely open to new remuneration models that are focussed on the success of our work such as profit sharing, success based milestone payments, leasing the solution, adoption based pricing and many more.