The Innovation Team

Taking an idea from inception through to being investment ready can be a challenging journey for anyone, particularly if you don’t know where to start.. Our Innovation Team draws upon years of experience in product design, UX, UI, development and delivery ensuring you leave with more than an idea, the start of a viable product.

The challenges faced by new startups or product ideas are immense. With so many potential customers and delivery channels, it’s easy to get carried away with possibilities and over optimistic assessments. Also, with so many potential competitors, technologies, costs and directions, it’s just as easy to succumb to analysis paralysis. Our Innovation Team provides you with the expertise to understand, challenge and discuss your idea, assessing and advising on everything from target markets through to technology, delivery and performance metrics.

THE SOLUTION: The aim of the workshop is to take your product idea, combine it with our knowledge and experience and put it on the path to success. Our “prescription” takes into account everything from our business model and target market discussions, along with any further research completed after the workshop, to provide you with a tailored solution, user personas and any other supporting requirements. The solution will be completely objective, so much so that we may even recommend pursuing a completely different approach if we believe that is what is most in your interest.

THE TECHNOLOGY: Depending on your product, there may be one or multiple suitable technologies. At these early stages it is crucial that any development undertaken should be as efficient and cost effective as possible to provide the best possible return. We have broad knowledge of, and experience using multiple technologies, platforms and integrations which will allow us to identify what will be most effective in each situation. We will assess which technology is most suitable for you, along with any viable alternatives to allow you to find developers suited to your needs.

THE DELIVERY PLAN: Based on our recommended technology and prescribed solution, we will provide a project delivery plan including timelines and management approach. This will include required inputs from your side, engagement plans, playback dates and the critical path to delivery so you understand what will be needed.

THE COST: We provide multiple pricing options based on our recommended process, technology and solution to give you as much flexibility as possible on what will be delivered. We then use our own proven estimation process, taking into account the amount of time required, number of developers, testers, designers etc and any technology factors or possible roadblocks that could impact the delivery to give you an accurate and reliable estimate.

Product design is the most important phase of any digital project and will likely determine whether the project will succeed of not. That is why so much of the investment in your project should be done at the design stage.

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS: By starting with competitor analysis we take a different look at your idea/product and challenge it against any competition in the field. Most idea’s, even the most novel, have competitors. A competitor might not provide the same service that you do but normally there is crossover and these needs to be researched carefully. By analysing what others are doing in the space you intend to occupy we can help create a business plan and model that is unique in its offering while also competing with others in your field.

DESIGNS: Designing a product is more than the look and feel which is a mistake most people make. Designing a compelling solution that not only gets users but keeps them interacting with your business is difficult. Our Innovation team has years of experience or creating bespoke applications that are targeted to meet all Key Performance Indicators set out in the diagnostic phase. If these are not the thrust of the design phase your project will ultimately not deliver on the requirements.

SPECIFICATION:A detailed specification is necessary to start the delivery of any project. This document details the project as a whole from the technologies and integrations required to how the app functions in detail and the designs so that the development team can bring it to life. This document can be quite comprehensive but will act as a single point of reference by yourself, your development team and any other stakeholders to the project. Without a detail specification projects can be derailed by all stakeholders having different ideas and this needs to be sorted in the design phase before development starts.

INTERACTIVE PROTOTYPE:When bringing a new idea to market it can feel like a daunting task. However with interactive prototypes you can demonstrate in the real world what your solutions are to either potential investors. User groups for research or to the targeted end user for feedback before development commences. This is a powerful tool to have available early in your solution life cycle and gives you the first glance at what the product is going to be like and is key for taking your idea to investors.

Not only do they know what they’re doing, but they genuinely act as partners with you to execute it.

Renate - MD