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Apple Sign-in for iOS13

With around a month until the iOS 13 is released there is little time to implement some of the crucial changes that you will need to so your Apps comply with the new OS. A major new feature you will need to develop if the new sign-in with Apple. Apple’s announcement states that from the release of iOS 13 you will “need” to offer Apple sign-in if you offer any other form of social log-in such as Facebook.

“Over half of all App rejections to the App store are due to non-compliance with Apple guidelines so don’t be caught out. Even though they did announce this at WWDC we feel that it may have been overlooked by some and it is also not wholly clear in Apple’s notes either.” Steve Sandbach – Project Manager

It may feel like this is something Apple is just forcing us to adopt because they want it, however there are benefits to Apple’s sign-in. It is great from a user and security point of view and will allow users who sign into your app with Apple ID to sign in wherever your App is deployed across Apple’s OS’s in a fast and secure manner.

“Apple is really pushing for this even after they came in for some criticism due to the way they are forcing developers hands. This is a key part of what Apple offer to their users and does set them apart from most of their competition and the new feature will give App developers the ability to offer secure, anonymised log-ins to users concerned with data security.”  Arran Kirkup – Client Engagement

Another benefit for your users is that they will be able to very quickly and simply make an account if your app has lots of locked content behind an account system. This will be easy to do at different steps in your user journeys and should support you creating an ongoing user base for your App.

In the current data security climate a lot of users want to protect their data as much as possible and with this new feature users can choose to keep their personal email addresses private from Apps that they have signed into with Apple sign-in. This is not all doom and gloom for remarketing purposes however, you can send email messages to users through Apples private relay service so you will need to register your email domains with Apple. This will allow more data sensitive users to use your App with confidence and does not hinder your ability to stay in touch when done correctly.

There are some steps as developers you will need to complete in order to get set for Apple sign-in such as using certificates , identifiers and profiles to set up your Apple developer account correctly so get this sorted now before you get that embarrassing moment when the new version of your App is rejected by Apple and you have to play catch up.