As the leading specialist in mobile application development for technology firms we are excited to share our Future of Mobile Development Report. This look into the fast changing mobile development landscapes identifies trends and changes we have seen recently in mobile development and discusses the impact this will have on the future of the industry.

Download Indiespring’s report to read about many challenging topics in App development including:

  • Fragmentation of the marketplace and devices: The app marketplace isn’t as simple as it once was. For some time Apple and Android have been the only platforms app owners have had to consider but this is
    all beginning to change, particularly on the Android side of things.
  • Adoption and improvement of mobile analytical tools: It’s widely accepted that mobile apps are required to be simple to use, but a world class user experience can’t be realised if you’re not able to monitor and analyse the performance of the app “in the field”.
  • Cross platform app development changing the game: Cross platform app development has matured as a cost-effective and less complex way of developing apps for both Apple and Android’s platforms compared to native development.

Do you want to see what the future holds for app development? Then download the Future of Mobile Development Report

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