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Issues of competency or capacity?

Are you just too busy to get everything done? You don’t need us!

We know the feeling. Too many requirements; too many stakeholders; too much work for you to deliver. Unreasonable deadlines, unexpected requests and a list of requirements as long as your arm. The feeling that an extra pair of hands will give you the breathing space you need and let your team focus on the priorities.

When you are maxed out the idea of offloading some of your workload is an appealing one and it offers a short-term solution to deliver work beyond the capacity of your in-house team. If you know what you want delivered and you’ve simply got too much on; we’re probably not for you. You could use a group of awesome contractors or an offshoring firm. The traditional agency model favoured by offshore developers actually favours a client who knows exactly what they want. A clear specification, well laid out and with little uncertainty. A project with little risk which can be delivered on time and on budget. A win for everyone.

If you know what you want but find yourself with a resourcing shortfall, whilst we sympathise, the truth is you don’t need us… It just doesn’t make sense.

What you need is a reliable outsource partner who can take your specified requirements and deliver the results you need. If you have the required management processes and QA systems that could be a contractor. If you don’t then the most cost-effective option will almost always be an outsourcing firm. It wouldn’t be an agency like ours.

The real value we bring to any partnership is filling a skills gap and allowing you to focus your team’s energy and attention on what it’s good at. If your problem is a lack of experience in mobile application development and delivery then we can help. We have years of experience designing, delivering and maintaining mobile applications for our clients. We bring our expertise to bear constantly for our clients who don’t specialise in the app space – we can show you how it’s done and teach you what we know.

This could be educating you around the best project management tools and methodologies for the job, working with you to create a bespoke plan to solve a complex problem or taking complete ownership of delivering a new, industry-leading application. This is where our experienced staff can really shine but it requires a level of trust and freedom which you might not be comfortable giving to an agency, and certainly not an offshoring firm!

However it’s by filling the competence gap, not the capacity gap, that Indiespring are able to produce outstanding apps which deliver against clients’ key metrics rather than simply turning a design on paper into an app that does the job.

Because we know that we’re the experts in the room we’re not scared to challenge your thinking or to find more efficient ways to meet your end goal. That’s a win for everyone too. But in this case we’re taking ownership and responsibility for the way your app works, looks and feels. You know your market, but we know apps.

For some of our clients this has been demonstrated by the way we could bring their ideas to life in unique and interesting ways with beautiful designs and animations which give their users those elusive “moments of joy”. For some they’d never considered whether the way they designed and built their apps in the past was fit for purpose and we’ve been able to help them move to a more appropriate model. We’ve even helped start-ups through joint ventures to take their ideas through from concept to market using shared revenue models – something we wouldn’t and couldn’t be a part of without being given the opportunity to lead the project using our expertise.