Webinar: What Does Mobile First Transformation Mean?

Online Webinar

December 8, 2021


Most customers first interaction with a business’s digital products is now via a mobile device.

Head of Delivery Niall Morrison will explain the cultural and technological changes that you need to be aware of as we head into 2022.

Download now to have Niall will guide you through the cultural and technological changes that are happening and how as businesses we not only need to adopt new ways to interact with our customer effectively, but discusses how we can embrace these new methods to fundamentally change our businesses.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Changes in customer spending habits across mobile and desktop devices.
  • Why most people give up rather than change device.
  • Changes in spending habits across devices.
  • The challenges facing large screen devices.
  • Mobile is now maturing, not emerging and business are being left behind.
  • Beyond mobile, how to future proof your businesses with platform development.

! If you have any questions regarding the webinar, or on the topic itself, feel free to contact me at dave@indiespring.com.