Ben Magnall
10 mins

WWDC 2019 Roundup

Its been a month since this years Worldwide Developers Convention and we wanted to make sure that you are preparing for the changes that will be live in September this year so here is a quick summary of all the announcements made at WWDC-19.

IOS 13

  • Apple Unveils iOS 13 Featuring Dark Mode, Swipe Keyboard, Performance Improvements, and More
  • iOS 13 Adds Swipe Keyboard Named QuickPath to iPhone
  • iOS 13 Gaining Revamped Reminders App and Enhanced Apple Maps
  • Apple Announces ‘Sign in With Apple’ for Signing into Apps Using Your Apple ID
  • Sign In With Apple Will Be Required for Apps That Offer Third-Party Sign-In Options
  • Apple Updating Messages in iOS 13 With User Profiles and Memoji Stickers
  • Apple Unveils New Photo Browsing and Editing Features Coming With iOS 13
  • First Betas of iOS 13 and iPadOS Now Available for Registered Developers With Dark Mode, New Find My App, Performance Optimizations and More
  • iOS 13 is Compatible With iPhone SE and Later, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Not Supported
  • iOS 13 Will Let You Download Large Apps Over Cellular
  • New iOS 13 Volume Indicator
  • Dark Mode in iOS 13


  • Apple Unveils ‘iPadOS’ Designed Specifically for the iPad’s Larger Display
  • Apple’s New iPadOS Software Includes Mouse Support as an Accessibility Option
  • Apple’s New iPadOS Software Includes Additional Keyboard Shortcuts


  • Apple Announces ‘macOS Catalina’ With Separate Apple Music, Podcasts, and TV Apps
  • Apple’s New ‘Find My’ App for macOS and iOS Can Find Your Devices Even When They’re Offline
  • Apple Introduces Sidecar App for Using an iPad as a Mac’s Secondary Display
  • Apple Reveals ‘Voice Control’ Accessibility Feature Coming to Mac and iOS
  • Apple Seeds First Beta of macOS 10.15 Catalina to Developers


  • Apple Reveals tvOS 13 With New Home Screen and Support for Multiple User Profiles
  • Apple TV Gaining Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Controller Support
  • Apple Seeds First Beta of tvOS 13 to Developers


  • Apple Unveils WatchOS 6 With Dedicated App Store, New Apple Watch Faces and Native Apps
  • Apple Watch Getting New Health Features, Including Noise App and Menstrual Cycle Tracking
  • Apple Releases First Beta of New watchOS 6 Operating System to Developers


  • Apple Reveals All-New Mac Pro With Up to 28-Core Processor and 1.5TB of RAM, Starting at $5,999
  • Apple Unveils 32-inch 6K ‘Pro Display XDR’ Monitor Starting at $4,999
  • Adobe and Other Developers Are ‘Incredibly Excited’ About New Mac Pro
  • The Stand for Apple’s New $4,999 Pro Display Costs an Extra $999


  • HomeKit Coming to Routers and Gets New ‘Secure Video’ Feature
  • HomePod Gaining Handoff Support, AirPods Get Audio Sharing Feature
  • Apple News+ Expanding to United Kingdom and Australia in iOS 13
  • Apple Says iOS 13 to Bring ‘Biggest Update to CarPlay Yet’
  • Apple Announces ARKit 3 With Immersive People Occlusion Feature, RealityKit, and More
  • Apple Unveils New SwiftUI Framework For Building App Interfaces Using Less Code
  • Apple Launches New Apple Watch Bands, iPhone Cases and iPad Cases in Summer Colors, Plus New Pride Band


IOS 13 – Our Thoughts

There have been some features finally added which the community has been crying out for some time and also apple have added some features to catch up with the competition but mainly the features and improvements made are tailored for a quality of life improvement for the users. 

  • Swipe keyboard

Apple is finally removing the need for 3rd party keyboards by adding “QuickPath.” Announced as one of the highlights of iOS 13 at WWDC this is really Apple playing catch up to something that is widely used on Android keyboards for coming up to a decade. This feature is also confirmed to be on iPadOS as well as iOS 13 and will come as a relief to the many who have adopted this type technique.

  • Reminder App

IOS 13’s reminder app has been updated to create intelligent responses to the types of updates you are creating, offering varying options on how and when to remind you, and you can now also tag, people in and the reminders app will communicate to your message thread prompting you to speak to them about your “Reminded item.” This is another feature from Apple improving their users experience and making there OS a more integrated service.

  • Sign in with Apple

This new feature from Apple is great from a user perspective and security one too, once a user has signed in with Apple ID they can sign into anywhere your App is deployed and provided a fast and secure way for a user to set up an account and start using your App. You will be able to; allow users to create an account early in your app experience if your app has limited functionality without an account, allow users to create an account after interacting with features of your app. Some users will choose to keep their personal email address private and therefore they will be using Apple’s private email relay service when setting up an account with your app making it very secure services for users.

  • Updated messages and Memoji

The first thing on our list today which will get people spending hours and hours of their lives and after all of the invested time they won’t know what they have achieved. The Updates to customizable options of Memoji that was released with iOS 12 will allow users to make more changes including make up for the girls (or boys) are probably one of the more light-hearted WWDC announcements this year but I’m sure many of you will go and play around just to see and, like we said, wonder where all your time has gone!

  • Photo Browsing and Editing

IOS 13 will introduce a few new features within the Photos and Camera App’s, The highlight being the new easy to manage settings with selected and drag options on the screen for easy access. The new portrait lighting will now allow users to virtually adjust the light distance from the portrait subject. The new browsing features will also improve on the current layouts in the photo gallery, Videos will now automatically play and they have improved the Days and Years features to better organize your collection. These browsing changes are probably quite subtle but as with all of the iterative improvements announced at WWDC they make they can add up to a much better user experience.

  • Dark Mode

Read our full write-up of this exciting new feature!

  • Here is the list of Devices supported by both iOS 13 and iPad OS

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS MAX
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone8/+
  • iPhone7/+
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S/+
  • iPod touch (7th-gen)
  • All iPad Pros
  • iPad (6th-gen)
  • iPad (5th-gen)
  • iPad mini (5th-gen)
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad Air (3rd-gen)
  • iPad Air 2

This follows the pattern of supporting devices of four years old, and is about making sure the performance improvements to the devices have the desired effect. Most of this is targeting speed and launch improvements and reducing app download sizes. The public beta should be available in July.

  • IOS download size changes

This is something I am passionate about but went a little under the radar at WWDC 19, but with the increased data allowances now available on contracts Apple is allowing users to download large Apps over cellular data. This gives the choice to the user whether or not to download these large apps and shows Apple keeping up with the way we use our phones and changing a feature that historically was there to protect the users but now may not always be required. The default is still to seek user permission if the download is over 200mb but the option to download those larger apps will remove many frustrating moments when you are on the go and cant get what you want/need.

  • Volume Indicator

Another appearance improvement is the changes coming to the iOS 13 is the new look volume HUD which now appears much thinner in the display meaning that the once intrusive controls no longer block the content which you are on. This is a small and simple change but one that had received lots of stick from users and Apple has listened. Thanks Apple!



Brand new and shiny is the new iPadOS announced at WWDC, for now there doesn’t seem to be too much different from the current IOS 13 but i’m sure we will see the two OS’s move further and further apart but here are the main features announced for the release of the iPadOS.

The Home screen has been redesigned with a new layout that shows more apps on each page. The widget-based Today view can be added to the Home screen, providing quick access to news headlines, weather, events, and more. Further features have been updated such as Split view to allow users to work on multiple files within the same app. This will make multitask working much easier with Slide over for quickly changing between apps as well.

The Apple Pencil latency is lower and has a better integration with a new markup mode on the iPad and now with new finger-based gestures for quick actions the iPadOS it is clearly designed to make the iPad a more robust tool for the work environment. Again this will be supported for the 2015 and onwards iPads from September this year.


MacOS Catalina 

  • Replacing iTunes

WWDC gave us a glimpse of how the way we use macs is about to change as Apple announce the end of iTunes as we know it. They are splitting out the core functionality into 3 separate apps: Apple music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV to give users a “greatly simplified and improved” way for users to use media on the MAC. Itunes will now be found in the Apple Music app for users who still listen to their own music. The Apple TV will now mirror the tvOS and iOs versions abd allow you to sync across these platforms and the same for Apple Podcasts.

  • Sidecar

Sidecar gives users the ability to use iPads as an extended display for Mac’s and again this feature removes the need for third party extensions which we (the users) have been implementing until now.. The main benefit for creatives will be the ability to use apple pencil as an input device for the Mac.

  • Offline “Find My”

This major feature update is something to sit up and take note of. Apple has announced it can now detect your lost device even if it is offline/sleeping. The device will sned out a secure bluetooth beacon that can be detected by other nearby Apple devices owned by other people that can now still project the location of your device. This network works through a secure encrypted and anonymous signal relay but it is a very powerful use of technology and could be seen as a step to further tracking capabilities in the future.



The new Home screen apps now play full-screen video previews on the Home screen, instead of just showcasing still images. The major change to the Apple TV with tvOS 13 is support for multiple user profiles on the new Apple TV Control Center. Each member of your family can now customize their own view and preferences on you Apple TV. The new tvOS is also going to support XBOX1 and Playstation controllers which has been done with the incoming Apple Arcade in mind and will create a better experience for gaming console users.


WatchOS 6

Apple showed off several new faces for the Apple watch at WWDC, the new watch faces introduced a new feature called Taptic Chimes that deliver a silent vibration on your wrist, and an hourly chime when audio is turned on. 

There are several new apps  which include wrist-based versions of Audiobooks, Voice Memos, and Calculator, while the new App Store will now allow users to purchase and download apps directly to their watch, bypassing the need for the iPhone.  Developers can also build Apple Watch-only apps, created to work independently on Apple Watch without an iOS app which we can’t wait to see.


New Mac Pro and XDR Display 

Apple’s Mac Pro and XDR display caused a lot of excitement at WWDC however it does have a very target specific audience. The Design community has always been the target with the Mac Pro’s and this is certainly no exception. The modular design and impressive hardware built into this Mac are to maximise professional performance and with the 32-inch 6k XDR display this will still be a popular choice for creatives, even with the staggering announcement of the price at $4,999 and a further $999 for the stand.