App Optimisation

Using A/B testing, User Behaviour Insights and Personalised User flows we use quantitative and qualitative data to boost key app metrics.

Audience Growth

We make sure that your relevant audience notices you in their own personal digital space, driving a relevant and targeted demographic to your app.

Outcome Driven KPI’s

Our focused strategies aim to make sure your user base is influenced proactively towards your desired “conversion” that is the primary function of your app.

App Quality Analysis

We constantly monitor your app to make sure it is performing as it should. The data we collect from this is used to inform our decisions on improvements.

Manage and Promote

At Indiespring we use Proactive Review Management to organically grow your app downloads in the App Store. Our App Store Optimisation will increase the visibility of the applications within the store.

I think the thing that sets Indiespring apart from other external partners of this kind is that they take the problem on as if it’s a collective problem as opposed to telling you that you have a problem and then waiting for you to tell them what you want to do to fix it. Not only do they know what they’re doing, but they genuinely act as partners with you to execute it.

Pete – Trak Global


The App

Indiespring increased the Video Poker’s apps turnover by 1,200%, whilst also increasing the number of sign ups by 700% to grow the popular website’s user base and better establish the apps within their respective app stores