Two weeks into the new year, one of the world’s biggest tech conferences has happened and there is already a lot of buzz around the mobile tech trends we can expect to see this year. As we are celebrating our tenth year of business, we thought it would be apt for us to highlight our top ten mobile tech trends to look out for in 2022: 

1. AI & ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been trending for years now, but 2022 will see us implementing these technologies on a far broader scale. From increasing user predictions, hyper-personalisation and the extended development of AI-based cameras, it’s clear that this technology will continue to feature within our everyday devices.

2. Foldable devices

They came back, they were mocked, flagged as a gimmick and yet here we are in 2022 watching the market share of foldables steadily increase as more and more brands decide they want to increase their screen real estate. As the trend in foldable continues to rise, it’s time to start including them within your mobile strategy so that your product can reap the maximum benefits. 

3. The Metaverse

Who can forget the metaverse, it seems to be all people are talking about right now, but in reality we’re nowhere near a life in the metaverse yet. Web3 might be real, but metaverse, not so much. However, as remote and hybrid working continues, we are likely to see a rise in tech companies utilising AR and VR to simulate some of the real world experiences social distancing has deprived us of. 

4. The end of laptops? 

Mobile usage is forever rising, with smartphones becoming more and more widespread and advanced capabilities, we’re likely to see a more permanent shift away from traditional desktops at some point. Could laptops be the first to go? As tablets and smartphones harness enough processing power and speed to complete operations necessary for both personal and work situations? 

5. Merging Operating Systems

Following on from the point above, as mobile device usage increases we predict that there is also a real potential now for operating systems across devices to begin to amalgamate. This will be a game changer as more and more developers start to build solutions that are truly mobile-first. 

6. Wearables

According to Statista, connected wearable devices will reach 929 million by this year. An essential mobile tech trend to watch out for, companies that start or have already started to provide a streamline service across devices, will find themselves gaining ground over competitors as more and more consumers will be expecting that seamless digital experience

7. NFTs

NFTs are everywhere right now! Hitting mainstream headlines and gaining popularity as some of the biggest non-tech brands in the world start to invest time and effort into them. If we look at the reality of what true value they could add to a business, NFTs are a crucial step in owning digital property. They will allow you to have a digital certificate as proof of ownership and therefore enhance the security around a transaction. 

8. PWAs and Instant Apps

Building a mobile app isn’t for everyone. It’s easy to think your business needs one to survive, but in reality there are plenty of alternative cost effective options out there. And as more and more look to move their services online, PWAs and Instant apps will become increasingly popular as they fill the gap left by native app builds and webpages. 

9. On-demand Applications

Heightened use during the pandemic has meant that on-demand apps continue to grow in popularity. As more and more users become accustomed to having products and services available at the touch of a button wherever they are, it’s likely that businesses will need to adapt to fulfil those needs whether it’s for work, travel, shopping, gifts etc. 

10. Crypto Craze Continues

Perhaps not so much a mobile only trend but a general tech innovation to look out for. Over the next twelve months we’re likely to see the extended use of blockchain technology in not just consumer applications, but businesses as well. And if you’ve already had enough of hearing all about NFTs, well the next crypto buzzword to watch out for this year will most likely be DAOs – Decentralised autonomous organisations that are governed by a set of rules stamped onto its blockchain. 


So there you have it! Our top ten mobile tech trends for 2022. 

What have we missed? What trend are you expecting to see this year?