Year after year, day after day we are faced with new technologies and innovations and more often than not, it is hard to know which tech trends you should take seriously and prioritise into your business plan. 

There are a number of mobile and tech trends on our radar this year and as times are changing so rapidly, we decided to pull out our top three digital adaptations you should think about so you’re not left behind: 

The End of Laptops

It’s a bold statement, and don’t worry we’ve not gone completely mad (yet). We’re not saying laptops are going to disappear off the face of the earth in the next 12 months. However, as mobiles and tablets become more and more advanced in their capabilities and processing power, it’s clear that mobile-first strategies will begin to influence the way software is developed moving forward. What does this mean for you? 

As you continue to enhance your product portfolio or services, think of mobile as the catalyst for all applications and future development. Think about the challenge you face or the product proposition and investigate the opportunities that have now become available through mobile technology. 

Users on their mobile phones screenshot of BBC News article

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

According to data published by App Annie, people spend 4.8 hours on average everyday on their mobile phones.  So when you start to think about making the switch to mobile-first strategies, it’s easy to assume that means building an app. In reality this is not always the right approach and we often find that most clients who come to us wanting to build a mobile application, on further investigation into their problem, what they really need is a PWA. A PWA is basically a website that looks and behaves in the exact same way as a mobile app. It can be added to smartphone home screens, work on desktops devices just like native apps and can even work offline.

The biggest reason that most businesses choose to go down this route? PWAs are easy to use and generally they are the most cost effective development route. The other main benefit of a PWA is they attract much higher conversion rates than native applications. 

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

For years businesses have added AI and ML into their digital transformation plans, but we are now at a stage where this isn’t enough. It’s not enough to just introduce these technologies or be seen to be using them. Instead, you need to consider what exactly is your end goal, what are you trying to achieve and then understand how the data you are collecting and utilising is enabling you to reach that outcome. More often than not tech buzzwords can be a distraction and instead of organisations choosing technology that will benefit them, they decide to invest in tech that competitors have brought on to keep up with the times. 

This isn’t to say AI and ML will not be useful tools for you and your business. The key differentiator for you this year should be to ensure your teams are maximising their data. Without a doubt AI will continue to become more useful as it moves from applied analytics deep inference, turning our interactions with devices into more human-like conversations. 


What tech trends are influencing your decisions this year?