Scam Alert

Attention: We would like to make you aware that we have been a victim of fraud. We have been made aware that there are multiple companies and people who are fraudulently pretending to be us and are offering false positions primarily via Email, WhatsApp and Facebook, however there may be other platforms. The scams are very realistic, including using our website domain, logo, name and letterhead.

There have been instances where these fraudulent companies are requesting money from potential candidates to confirm their position security. Indiespring would never ask for payment to secure your position, and we would never initially contact you via any other platform, except from LinkedIn or Job Boards. Our available positions will only be advertised on LinkedIn, Job Boards or our website (

If you are liaising with somebody who claims to be from Indiespring, please ensure that you are talking to somebody verified with an domain, and that you are communicating through the correct channels. If at any point you are unsure about whether you are talking to a verified Indiespring employee, we advise to contact us directly either via phone (0161 660 6756) or via email to and we can confirm the integrity for you.

We have informed the relevant authorities and are working tirelessly with them to get the scams stopped, however we apologise for any inconvenience or hurt this has caused you and we hope that this message will help put your mind at ease.

Note, we will never request or accept payment via the use of Cryptocurrencies from our clients, potential recruits or staff, and do not invest or trade in Cryptocurrencies, so any message from Indiespring that is related to them should be treated as fraudulent. Also our legal team advised us to advise victims to contact their banks if they haven’t already, as they may be able to claim some of the cost back.