We are happy to announce that Indiespring have been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2022 UK Company Culture Awards.

The UK Company Culture Awards recognise and celebrate organisations who share values, care and nurture their workforce and create a workplace environment that is beyond just an office space, even when remote. The pandemic highlighted the importance of company culture and highlighted the importance of it as the foundation for any business. It plays a key role in the productivity, innovation and growth of a business.

Many companies announce ‘people’ are at the heart of what they do and these awards celebrate the companies that are putting that ethos into practice. The UK Company Culture Awards are the opportunity for business to showcase the innovative ways workplace excellence is being achieved.

Company Culture Award Finalist Indiespring

Indiespring has been shortlisted as ‘Best Flexible Working Policy.’ Our flexible policies have been in place since our inception in 2011, to create a positive and productive workplace for all our employees. As individuals, we acknowledge that life is full of ups and downs, so it was important for us to create an environment that is inclusive, honest and completely transparent.

As we mentioned above, many companies state their biggest asset is their staff, a cliche we’re all used to hearing. The difference at Indiespring is that the company was built around the people that work within it. We’re proud to be featured alongside a range of businesses from across the UK who are also dedicated to delivering a company culture that enriches employee wellbeing, supports their mental and physical health and above all is inclusive for everyone.

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